Posted by Sophie-Ha Thursday, January 21, 2021

One netizen reveals handwritten letters from Aespa's Karina and says she was kind to her friends in school


K-Pop idol members are always at the center of attention as they gain more popularity. It's only natural that their past also gains interest from netizens, and many people like finding out about stories of the idol's real personality.

At times, there are negative things such as past bullying that unsurfaced, but oftentimes there are warm, wholesome stories that are shared by classmates of the idol members.

Recently, a netizen shared a story about aespa's Karina in an online community. The netizen stated that one of Karina's old classmates was Karina's friend and shared some photos of notes that they passed each other in school.

The netizen wrote, "My friend used to be Jimin's (Karina's real name) classmate in middle school! She said she used to pass notes and write letters to each other, and Karina drew all the hearts on the letters. She did that for all the classmates. She said Karina's handwriting didn't change at all and sent me a picture of her letter to show me."

The netizen also shared various small papers with short notes in which the netizen explained that Karina would leave these notes in her friend's pencil case in school.

The netizen explained that Karina was rather cute and friendly in school and would often write these notes to her friends. Karina was also said to have written a letter to the friend before leaving school to pursue her dream to become a singer.

After seeing the letter, netizens commented, "She's so cute," "I think she has a warm heart, writing those letters to her friends," "I can see how much heart she put into to that letter she drew all those hearts on," "She's so precious," "A lot of her classmates only have good things to say about her," "We can see that she was a nice kid," and "Aww, she must've liked her friend a lot."

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sumsumnoonoo1,198 pts Thursday, January 21, 2021 1
Thursday, January 21, 2021

Yesss Karina is such an innocent cutie, I'm so glad the fake accusations are finally being cleared up


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7hr43q2o3291 pts Thursday, January 21, 2021 0
Thursday, January 21, 2021

looks legit

karina seems like a true sweetheart



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