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Netizens are dying from laughter + joy at the ending scene in EXO Kai's 'Mmmh' MV


Netizens were completely bombarded with a mixture of different emotions as they watched EXO member Kai's solo debut MV!

As many of you know, EXO member Kai made his solo debut on November 30 with the release of his "Mmmh" MV. The mesmerizing MV enraptured fans for the duration of a little over 3 minutes. But once the MV came to an end and Kai brought the adventure to a close with an epic rooftop scene, SM Entertainment dropped a new spoiler at the end!

In this short spoiler clip (starts ~ 3:15), a floating rock drops down onto a mysterious field. The rock then cracks and breaks, revealing a chunk of ice. The ice, when it meets the terrain, turns everything in its vicinity into ice. The camera then fades out as the chunk of ice reveals two very familiar symbols!

Longtime fans of EXO will recognize the two symbols in the ice as the superpower symbols belonging to EXO members D.O. and Xiumin. After recognizing the symbols, fans also pieced together that the rock was cracked and broken through D.O's superpower of strength, and the ice chunk froze everything in its vicinity through Xiumin's superpower of ice. 

Simply put, SM Entertainment is teasing fans in light of the fact that D.O. and Xiumin will be returning from their mandatory military service duties soon!

Not knowing whether to laugh because of the unexpectedly comical(?) teaser, or to smile and cheer joyfully, fans commented:

"Congratulations on getting discharged from the military soon boys kekekekeke."
"Why is a teaser for their return from military service so freaking grand kekekeke."
"EXO's universe will always be the best universe kekekekeke."
"Most epic teaser for returning from military service kekekeke."
"Idk if I should laugh or cry TT kekekeke." 
"LOLOL this is why I stan alien idols kekekeke."
"My heart was pounding when I saw that!! It's been a long time since they brought the universe back... I miss their superpowers TT."
"I screamed when I saw this kekekeke. I miss you so much Kyungsoo, Minseok TT." 
"EXO universe is lively for the first time in a while because of this kekekeke."

Did you notice the "teaser" at the end of Kai's "Mmmh" MV?

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yoyo2813,485 pts Tuesday, December 1, 2020 0
Tuesday, December 1, 2020

The ending was really creative. I liked how they incorporated Kai’s teleportation power in the MV as well. It looked really good.



summerbreezy4,345 pts Tuesday, December 1, 2020 0
Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Clever! I'm sensing they have something special planned early next year and I'm getting the same feeling from SHINee both my faves. 🥰



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