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Posted by moonkun Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Seventeen's Best Dance Covers


From girl group medleys to first-generation K-Pop throwbacks, stan a group that can do it all! Read on for a compilation of Seventeen’s most iconic dance covers!

Girl Group Medley 

Seventeen is known as the gods of cover performances. This girl group medley of SNSD’s Lionheart, Red Velvet’s Ice Cream Cake, and GFRIEND’s Rough leading into “Mansae” showed their versatility as a group.

H.O.T: Happiness 

Seventeen has never been shy about how much they love the first generation Kpop groups that inspired them as trainees to pursue their careers. Happiness by H.O.T. has been well-loved across generations, earning a remake from 2nd generation group, Super Junior, and now, an iconic cover from 3rd generation group, Seventeen!

Super Junior: U 

As a thirteen-member group, one of Seventeen’s strongest suits is covering boy groups with many members. Super Junior’s U has always been a classic, and Seventeen’s rendition is so accurate and flawless!

Carats and ELFs have always compared Jun’s and Heechul’s looks, and it doesn’t seem like a coincidence that Jun was given all of Heechul’s lines in U!

Super Junior: Sorry Sorry Covering Sorry Sorry is like a rite of passage in many boy group and girl group careers. Seventeen’s version is one of the most iconic ones!

Super Junior & TVXQ: Show Me Your Love

Winter is coming; are you getting into the Christmas spirit? Check out this special stage of Seventeen covering “Show Me Your Love,” originally a collaboration between Super Junior and TVXQ. When this song was originally released, seventeen members from Super Junior and TVXQ originally sang and performed it. It seems like destiny that Seventeen covered it more than a decade later!

TVXQ: Balloons

At KCON NY 2016, Seventeen showed their versatility by performing After School’s Bang, Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry, and TVXQ’s Balloons!

TVXQ: Rising Sun 

TVXQ’s Rising Sun is not a performance many idols choose to cover because of its intricate choreography and Max Changmin’s high notes. However, Seventeen never shies away from a challenge and delivered a performance satisfying Carats and Cassiopeia! 

Shinhwa: Wild Eyes 

Filmed in black and white, Seventeen’s cover of Shinhwa’s Wild Eyes is dark and captivating! Seventeen is a master at dancing with chairs flawlessly, and we wonder how many takes this video required to reach such a level of perfection!

Shinhwa: Perfect Man

Shinhwa’s Perfect Man is a Kpop classic that re-surged in popularity after BTS covered it, and Seventeen’s version only adds to the collection of amazing covers of Perfect Man! 

What is your favorite Seventeen cover?

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lollikpop-moomoo357 pts Tuesday, November 24, 2020 1
Tuesday, November 24, 2020

if seventeen gets robbed again at mama this year I'm going to cry. left and right deserve the best dance performance. every idol did the tik tok challenge plus seventeen had a great year. plus they gained a lot more fans. but we all know bts is going to win for dynamite. I get it, bts is so talented, and yes they deserve awards, but bts isn't the only group that worked hard this year. sadly since seventeen doesn't have a huge fandom like bts they will sadly not take the award home. there is no chance that it will happen. as a fan, I want to be positive but it's obvious bts is taking home every award at mama.


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NineMusesMinha920 pts Tuesday, November 24, 2020 0
Tuesday, November 24, 2020

the first one is still legendary



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