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Could BigHit's upcoming girl group have a schoolgirl anime-type concept?


BigHit announced plans to debut two new girl groups next year. One of them is the Be:Lift girl group, chosen by I-Land season 2. The other will be a collaboration with Source Music. This article will cover the latter girl group.

BigHit confirmed that this group would be a multinational one with different backgrounds & languages. They held the Plus Global Auditions to take in the candidates for this new group.


Many assumed this was an indication that the new girl group would have a magical girl concept. And from the looks of it, that may very well be true.

An insider started posting hints that are likely related to BigHit’s upcoming girl group. Posting magical schoolgirl anime’s such as Yuki Yuna is a Hero & Magica Madoka. They also posted Nichijou.

There were also hints in the past that this group would have a Sailor Moon style as well. So it seems possible that the girl group will inherit that concept. 

BigHit recently had a trademark, which is likely for a sub-label called HYBE. This is apparently gonna be the new home for BigHit girl groups and will be directed by Min Heejin.

Considering the current trend is girl crush like groups, BigHit may finally be the key to a prominent girl group outside of the repeated mold representing the 4th Generation. 

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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

A girl group with a madoka magica concept would be something...



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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

While the concept is interesting it will require smart marketing to pull it off. I know people are ready for something different, but it also can't be too off the wall. What works in South Korea may not translate well in the international market, which is the direction labels want to take their artists to solidify success. When I say international I don't strictly mean America, but it's usually the next big target after Japan. I want these girls to have a fighting chance since expectations will be off the charts due to the label(s) they're coming from. Having a unique concept is important, but people also expect see the talent that got the members into the group in the first place.


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