Posted by Susan-Han Thursday, November 26, 2020

Netizens think this moment between Kim Sun Ho & Kim Jong Min on '1 Night, 2 Days' could be right out of a romance drama


Netizens have recently come across actor Kim Sun Ho being guilty(?) of turning '1 Night, 2 Days' into a romance drama!

On KBS2's '1 Night, 2 Days', cast members Kim Sun Ho and Kim Jong Min are fondly known by fans as the "Mirror Brothers". The nickname came about when the cast and the viewers simultaneously realized that Kim Sun Ho's personality matched Kim Jong Min's so well, they were like twins. 

In this short clip from an episode of '1 Night, 2 Days' below, Kim Sun Ho, Kim Jong Min, and Moon Se Yoon can be seen preparing for a chicken fight match against the opposing team members. Kim Sun Ho is seen giving Kim Jong Min a pep talk, saying, "No being funny. We are super serious. No being funny on purpose, hyung! For real! My mirror! My future!"

But when netizens took away the sound from this particular clip... the scene turned into a key moment right out of a youth romance drama, starring the handsome and supportive male lead (Kim Sun Ho) and the slightly dense, but lovable female lead (Kim Jong Min)!

LOL-ing netizens commented, 

"Why is Jong Min making that expression kekekekeke."
"The female lead is so good at romance acting kekekeke."
"My mirror! My future! That line could literally be right out of a teen drama kekekeke."
"Kim Sun Ho is unanimously guilty! Kekekeke." 
"Why is giving a pep talk for a chicken fight suddenly so romantic kekeke."
"OMG I need to watch 1N2D right now."
"Why is Kim Jong Min so perfect as the dense female lead, like why does it make so much sense in my head kekekeke."
"Kim Jong Min's acting is crazy kekekeke."

Are you a fan of the "Mirror Brothers" on '1 Night, 2 Days'?

  1. Kim Seon Ho
  2. Kim Jong Min
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Hanzpng-699 pts Thursday, November 26, 2020 0
Thursday, November 26, 2020

I always love watch how sunho always treat jongmin nicely. I can see good chemistry between sunho and jongmin because both of them are silly funny bro.



annabts1,240 pts Thursday, November 26, 2020 0
Thursday, November 26, 2020

I remember the episode when they monitored the members’ heart rates, and jongmin’s heart rate kept going up when facing male members lmao. The bromance is real.



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