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Netizens shocked at how much Korean streamers make


Some people have said that the era of AfreecaTV is over and the new trend is to stream on YouTube.

However, the monthly income of the original one-person media AfreecaTV streamer still stands at billions in Korean won (KRW). No matter how much demand for video consumption has been transferred to YouTube, the fanatics are still standing strong for the AfreecaTV streamers. On a total scale, more than 30 billion KRW (~26,726,772 USD) worth of star balloons (AfreecaTV donations) are delivered to the AfreecaTV streamers every month in total.

According to the Korean online stream analytics website 'Poong Today,' the accumulated number of star balloons presented this month exceeded 60 million as of the afternoon of November 5th. One star balloon costs 110 KRW (~.10 USD). Therefore approximately 6.71 billion KRW (~5,977,995 USD) worth of star balloons was given to streamers during just a five-day span. More than 30 billion KRW is being distributed as star balloons every month. It is equivalent to the revenue of most small and medium-sized companies.


A top AfreecaTV streamer's monthly income is also worth hundreds of millions of KRWs (hundreds of thousands of dollars). The streamer who received the most star balloons last month was "Sally," as she received a total of 2,229,500 star balloons. In terms of actual money, it is close to 245 million KRW (~218,265 USD). The streamer still makes approximately 140 million KRW (~124,722 USD) after dividing the revenue share with Afreeca TV in a 6 to 4 ratio and paying the 3.3 percent tax cut.

AfreecaTV is the original Korean broadcasting platform. As major video-consumption media have recently moved to YouTube, critics say AfreecaTV is "out of date." However, looking at the size of star balloons that come and go every month, this phrase seems to no longer apply. 

The 'Big Giving' viewers contribute greatly to the high number of star balloons. According to 'Poong Today,' the viewer who gave the most star balloons last month gave a total of 1,996,100 star ballons. It amounts to about 220 million KRW (~195,993 USD). A total of 43 streamers were given these star balloons over the span of 618 times. As for the user, only part of the ID is disclosed, but their information is unknown.

Most of the popular streamers on AfreecaTV are single-person streamer in a one to one talk style broadcast. Nine out of the top ten streamers who received the most star balloons last month are female streamers. They are able to enjoy a celebrity-like income and popularity.

However, some point out that AfreecaTV is being used negatively for money laundering and prostitution, as hundreds of millions of star balloons are exchanged every month. In fact, last year, a controversy arose over allegations of prostitution by a streamer in the past.

Netizens are still surprised by the large amount of money that streamers make on Afreeca TV. Netizens have commented, "People should understand these streamers will not date their viewers even if they're given a large number of star balloons," "I don't understand why people give these people money," 'Wow, there are so many people giving so much money to these streamers," and "They need to be taxed 50%."

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eager_beaver2,553 pts Thursday, November 5, 2020 5
Thursday, November 5, 2020

The power of female beauty...

Men have always handed over resources to women, because their brains assume it will lead to her agreeing to sexual services. It's a simple primal instinct.


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jimmychonga6 pts Thursday, November 5, 2020 1
Thursday, November 5, 2020

If they allow pornography in Korea, most of these business will disappear or suffer, including prostitution.


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