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Netizens confused by Red Velvet Yeri's Instagram story, saying it had good intentions but poor execution


Recently, Korean netizens have taken notice of Red Velvet member Yeri's recent Instagram story post.

On November 3rd, a netizen posted on an online community a capture of the girl group member's Instagram post and commented on how her post seemed a bit odd. Yeri posted a photo of herself smiling with a long excerpt on it. 

The excerpt read, "I took a look at my photo gallery and looked over the pictures after trying to push away my depressing emotions when I heard a sudden tragic death. I thought I met a lot of people, and I felt thankful to everyone I had met so far. I also thought about the reasons to live another day. However, I want to live in a brighter world. I should be the first to put in the effort, and I hope everyone in the world is filled with love."

It seems that Yeri was mourning the late comedian Park Ji Sun, who had passed away on November 2nd. When seeing the Instagram story post, netizens criticized Yeri for her poor execution and used a photo of herself laughing.

They understood her good intention for the post and understood the tragic news brought grief to the young artist. However, they wondered if it was correct for her to include a photo of herself smiling brightly.  

Netizens' Commented:

"I'll tell you why this Instagram post is weird. Basically, after someone she wasn't too close with passed away, she posted a photo of herself basically saying, 'I should live my life diligently, hope the world becomes beautiful.'"

"I mean I understand her writing but did she need to post with that smiling photo of herself?"

"I feel like she is either selfish or has no common sense. She's basically mentioning her contemplation and then self-reflecting on her own life after this tragedy."

"This is the first time I saw someone post a self-reflection after the news of someone's passing."

"She should've just not posted anything."

"I understand she feels depressed because she's hearing so many news of death...but still..."

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Hopkinz1,835 pts Tuesday, November 3, 2020 1
Tuesday, November 3, 2020

How about let's NOT attack somebody who is clearly going through something mentally right after she lost somebody to suicide. We all grieve differently, there is no right and wrong way and clearly she was trying to be respectful and hopeful.


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pink_oracle11,819 pts Tuesday, November 3, 2020 4
Tuesday, November 3, 2020

"I want to live in a brighter world. I should be the first to put in the effort, and I hope everyone in the world is filled with love."

Seriously, how can you be mad at that??


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