Posted by haydn-an Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Hanteo Chart clarifies that TWICE did not manipulate the chart rankings through Sajaegi


A week ago, a netizen posted on an online community which started malicious rumors that TWICE might have manipulated the charts through Sajaegi.  

The netizens speculated TWICE of manipulating the charts because TWICE's 'Eyes Wide Open' album sales increased by 80,000 in just 60 seconds. The netizen wondered how TWICE was able to increase the number of sales in just one minute.

The netizen also mentioned other TWICE albums that also had sudden jumps on the charts such as 'Fancy' which suddenly sold a vast number of albums in one day back in 2019. Therefore, the netizen began suspecting the group of Sajaegi.

However, Hanteo Charts posted a statement clarifying that TWICE did not manipulate the charts through Sajaegi. Hanteo Charts seemed to have received many inquires from netizens about the recent jump in album sales of the girl group which resulted in the clarification.

Hanteo wrote, "Hello, how are you? This is the Hanteo Charts.

We have been receiving many inquires about a specific artist's album sales since last week. We apologize for delaying our reply because we wanted to check the information clearly.

We have analyzed the data in detail and checked that the album sales were a result gathered from 20 different countries.

There have been many slandering, defaming, and malicious rumor posts created due to this issue. It is clearly illegal to spread unverified information, create malicious rumors, and/or slander a specific individual or group.

The post in question can bring negative influence and cause harm to the artist, the fandoms, and the staff in the industry. We believe that these negative influences should not occur for anyone.

We have collected massive data from everyone along with data from our internal monitoring. We are preparing to take strong legal action with our legal team.

We plan to take strict measures against these malicious activities for the betterment of the future of K-pop. We ask all users for support and cooperation to make the culture of K-pop more beautiful. 

In addition, Hanteo Chart is publishing the data by collecting information from approximately 1,000 off-line stores and online stores as well. Please take note that there is a clear difference between the Hanteo Chart results and the other music chart results.

Thank You.

Sincerely, Hanteo Chart."

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Eunbean2,120 pts Tuesday, November 3, 2020 0
Tuesday, November 3, 2020

why would TWICE, of all ppl, use sajaegi when the can sell 500k easily ? I really don''t understand these dumbasses



dancingbella232,597 pts Tuesday, November 3, 2020 1
Tuesday, November 3, 2020

this is TWICE, not some nugu -_-

I wish people kept their brains during this lockdown


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