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Go Young Wook starts an Instagram account nine years after he was accused of sexually assaulting three minors


Go Young Wook (age 44) has expressed his intention to return nine years after he caused a stir over the allegations of sexual assault against minors.

On November 12 KST, he opened his Instagram account. He announced that he has created a social media account on Twitter at the same time. In his Instagram account, he made his first post with a picture of himself; however, he disabled the comments on the post.

He began updating netizens and began a one-sided communication with the public. In the post, he wrote: "Hello, this is Go Young Wook. A long time has passed since I was able to greet everyone like this...Right now is a difficult period for everyone because of the COVID19..."

He continued to provide his reasons for making a social media account as well "I have spent close to nine years disconnected from the world. I can't keep living like that, so I'm going to live by communicating to the world."

He concluded the post by stating, "I'm a person of many shortcomings, but I will live trying to become a better person through introspection! Either way, be healthy, everyone!"

Then 1 hour later, he added a photo of Shin Jung Hwan with his mother many years back. Go Young Wook stated, "My mother went through a time of difficulty because of me, but luckily she's healthy."

Go Young Wook also held an interview with a media outlet and revealed that he wanted to officially return. He stated, "I'm interested in YouTube, but I'm not confident enough yet."

In 2013, Go Young Wook was sentenced to prison for violating the Child and Youth Sexual Protection Act. From July 2010 to December 2012, he allegedly sexually harassed and sexually assaulted three minors. At the time, the court sentenced Go Young Wook to two years and six months in prison. 

At the same time, the court ordered three years of location tracking electronic devices (electronic anklets) and disclosing his personal information for five years. Go Young Wook was released from prison in July 2015. 

For three years, he wore a location tracking device on his ankle until 2018. His personal information was disclosed and posted on the "Sex Offender Notification e" list until last July.

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Sofia96916 pts Thursday, November 12, 2020 0
Thursday, November 12, 2020

Nah. F**k that! Stay away. He should still be in prison for what he did! Disgusting piece of sh*t!

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Ambarkhan100034 pts Thursday, November 12, 2020 0
Thursday, November 12, 2020

Ewww and allkpop it's not accused he was convicted for the crime. Bastard

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