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The man who says he was scammed by Black Swan's Hyeme refutes all her claims


Recently, the rookie girl group Black Swan member Hyeme has been involved in a scandal when an unidentified man claimed that she had scammed him out of 50 million KRW (~45,000 USD).

The incident surfaced when the man claimed that he had financially supported the girl group member as he had loaned her money along with paying for her monthly rent, living expenses, and credit card bills totaling roughly 50 million KRW. He claimed he had lent her the money and paid her bills as she promised to pay him back after she becomes successful.

However, as Hyeme refused to pay him back, the unidentified man threatened to pursue legal action against the singer with fraud charges. However, Black Swan's agency filed a counter lawsuit against the man claiming his allegations are false.

Black Swan's agency stated, "Hyeme has claimed that there are things that are exaggerated. Hyeme had no choice to avoid the man because the man would come to her apartment, asking her to be his girlfriend and to sleep with him." Hyeme claimed that she was being stalked and threatened by the man despite clearly stating that she will pay him back. 

As both sides are divided over their claims, the man gave a rebuttal with the specific facts and the additional statement of his position. The following are clarification submitted by the man in a question and answer form in an interview with Real-Time Media News:

―There is a disagreement about the process in which you came to meet Hyeme. You claim that you met her through Instagram, but Hyeme claims that she met you while being a streamer on Afreeca TV. She claimed that she felt thankful for the star balloons but had no other intentions.

"It's true that we first got to know each other through Afreeca TV, and I sent her star balloons (donations). I sent her approximately 6 million KRW (~5,400 USD) worth of balloons over the span of two months. The first time we started talking was through Instagram direct messages. I asked her for her phone number through Instagram. When I saw her on Afreeca TV, I didn't even know she was a celebrity. No one recognized her on the street when I was with her."

―What is the reason you asked for the money after giving it to her? 

We were close enough to meet two to three times a week after we started talking on Instagram. She told me she needed 5 million KRW (~4,500 USD) because of her mother. So I sent her the money. Then I kept sending her money for food, living expenses, she was asking me for 50,000 KRW and 100,000 KRW. There was a time I couldn't wire her money anymore, so I even gave her a credit card. Then she told me that her company is moving so I got her a studio apartment near her new company. That's how I spent 50 million KRW. I did like her as a woman, but I just wanted her to be successful as a singer. I lent her the money under the condition that she doesn't cause trouble or gets involved in things like prostitution. I told her to pay me back after she becomes successful as a singer. That's when the problem became serious and she started drinking more and asked me to lend her more money."

―Currently, Hyeme stated she would be taking stern legal action against your claim, where you said she used her studio apartment as a secret location to date men.

"The condition to me lending her money was she would not cause trouble. But then there was an issue at the studio apartment, so I mentioned that. I have Kakaotalk conversations as evidence. I don't want to have a dirty mud fight, but I will reveal it if I have no other choice."

―You are an ordinary company/salaryman. Isn't 50 million KRW too much money? 

"I found out that Hyeme was a celebrity and she even said, 'would I scam money and run away when I'm a celebrity?' She told me she would pay me back and I thought she was young, so no way she couldn't pay that money back. I thought she was pretty and had potential as an idol. I just wanted her to do well without any distractions like worrying about money."

―Hyeme is claiming that you didn't lend her the money but voluntarily gave it to her.

I have Kakaotalk messages of every time she asked me for 50,000 KRW and 100,000 KRW. I did not voluntarily give it to her. I didn't even include the money I sent her through star balloons. I only counted the money that she asked to borrow. We weren't dating and she didn't like me as a man, so her thinking I'm just giving her the money is a misunderstanding on her part."

―Hyeme is claiming that you kept asking her to sleep with you; that's why she avoided your calls. She argued that she didn't intentionally avoid you or try to scam you.

"I never asked her to sleep with me. This can be verified by one of our acquaintances who used to hang out with us. I knew Hyeme wasn't interested in me. I was more careful when I knew she wasn't interested in me and also told her to be careful. Also, if we had that kind of issue, I wouldn't be able to file a legal complaint against her, and I wouldn't be able to talk to the media confidently. Also, if someone was afraid of a sex request, would they be able to ask that person for money for over a year? I'm also planning to file a lawsuit for defamation for falsely accusing me of asking her for sex. If she sues me for sexual harassment, I will counter sue Hyeme."

―Hyeme claimed that you came to her apartment without contacting her first and said that you invaded her privacy.

"She said I got her that apartment, but I don't even know the password to the door lock. I can't invade her privacy. There were only two reasons for me going to her - I went to her to give her food after contacting her or when she contacted me to tell me to come and drink with her."

―Why did you sponsor her for such a long time even after knowing she didn't have feelings for you?

"As I mentioned before, I loaned the money to her. I didn't give it to her. I kept a record of all the money because I gave her the money with the condition that she would pay it back. Also, even after knowing she didn't have feelings for me, Hyeme would send kind messages to me and send me her pictures. So I believed she was giving me a chance. Also, we met two to three times a week with this kind of relationship for about two years. I grew fond of her too. But we grew apart because of drinking issues and she kept asking me to lend her money."

―How did you feel after seeing Hyeme's response?

"I've been providing evidence every time I make a claim. When I felt the evidence was insufficient, I called on witnesses to prove it. But, Hyeme is making me into a criminal but has not shown any evidence. I want to see the evidence to her claims."

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Bombtwo749 pts Thursday, November 12, 2020 0
Thursday, November 12, 2020

With all the Kakao messages it seems the guy is very confident of his claims.

Doesn’t look good at all for Hyeme. The messages show she knows she is borrowing the money, and it’s not a gift.



kagayakugucci7,161 pts Thursday, November 12, 2020 0
Thursday, November 12, 2020

He seems to have decent proof that they agreed to a loan, so I don't really get what her side is trying to do with their lawsuit. He also doesn't seem afraid of her accusation that he asked for sex, so without any evidence from her, that will be an easy win for him in a defamation lawsuit. Is DR trying to get revenge on this girl for messing with Black Swan by giving her bad legal representation lol?



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