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Stray Kids's Hyunjin shows his support toward fellow member Changbin w/ hashtag #BestRapperEver after Changbin's elimination from 'Show Me The Money 9'


Stray Kids's Hyunjin showed his support and affection toward his fellow member Changbin on October 30, after Changbin was eliminated on Mnet's 'Show Me The Money' season 9.

On this week's episode of 'SMTM9', the contestants faced arguably the most difficult and pressuring round of the survival program, the second round featuring a 60-second performance in front of all 4 judge teams. In this round, if the rappers do not manage to catch the judges' attention within the 60-seconds, they are eliminated by being surrounded by 'SMTM's signature "fire ring". 

Stray Kids's Changbin, who made it past the first round of this season's 'SMTM', showcased his rap to a 3RACHA beat for his second round performance. Unfortunately, all 4 judging teams gave him a 'Fail' within the 60-seconds, marking his elimination from the show. 

After the show's broadcast, it was member Hyunjin who greeted fans first via Stray Kids's official Instagram. Hyunjin wrote, "You were the best, and even during our busiest schedules, you went to the show's recording while we were all sleeping. Changbin-hyung tore it up the best. #StrayKids #LoveStay #Hyuncam #Changbin #BestRapperEver #StrayKidsWin." 

Afterward, Changbin also greeted fans on Instagram with a selca, reflecting on his experiences on 'SMTM'. He shared, "I was able to gain a priceless experience through 'Show Me The Money' and learned a lot. It was an opportunity for me to grow both as an idol rapper and as a rapper, and also provided me with a chance to judge myself; it was like a teacher for me. Which is why I tried out hehe. I want to continue to show our Stay better sides of me without losing this challenging mindset as a musician and as a member of Stray Kids. Our Stay, who worried so much about me competing on 'Show Me The Money' and who still cheered me on all this time, and also our members, thank you and I love you (heart)." 

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If you missed Changbin's second round performance on this week's 'Show Me The Money 9', you can watch it below!

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Eunbean2,273 pts Friday, October 30, 2020 5
Friday, October 30, 2020

I don't know, The winners of SMTM haven't thrieved after the show. Punchnello, Basick, SoulDive, Nafla, and Hangzoo never got too much recognition. Mnet, at least, might've promoted them on "1thek" youtube channel

I think that only BewhY, Bobby and Loco are the only winners that actually got mainstream


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brideofchani7,149 pts Saturday, October 31, 2020 0
Saturday, October 31, 2020

hyunjin = my baby

changbin = my baby



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