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Son Ye Jin buys a building in Gangnam's Sinsa-dong


Actress Son Ye Jin was reported to have purchased a 16 billion KRW ($14 million) building in Gangnam's Sinsa-dong recently. After the news was reported, many had mixed opinions of the actress purchasing the building.

According to a real estate industry official, the actress purchased the building in July of last year for 16 billion KRW. She finished paying off the mortgage on the building last month. According to the official, she paid 4.4 billion KRW ($3.851 Million) in cash and received a loan of 11.6 billion KRW ($10.15 Million) to purchase the building under her sole name.

Since then, many netizens are feeling envious and a sense of loss after hearing the news of another celebrity purchasing an expensive building. Some netizens are stating, "I don't want to see these articles anymore" as they state, "Some people can't even earn a billion KRW working in their lifetime but celebrities are able to easily get loans worth a few billion KRWs" and "The bitter reality is that ordinary citizens can't even afford to buy a small house."

Some netizens pointed out that actress Son Ye Jin had made more than 4 billion KRW in capital gains from investments in buildings in the past.

Previously, Son Ye Jin purchased an old building in Seogyo-dong, Seoul for 9.35 billion KRW ($8.18 Million) in 2015 and later sold it for 13.5 billion KRW ($11.8 Million) in February 2018. Many have stated this is a form of property investment that individuals can make capital gains from selling off property.

However, there are still netizens who side with the actress stating it is a legal and legitimate investment. These netizens claim that the netizens who are siding against the actress are just jealous of her success.

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