Posted by beansss Thursday, October 22, 2020

Netizens continue to accuse Irene of being the female idol who went on an angry rampage directed at a photoshoot editor


Netizens are continuing to accuse Red Velvet's Irene of being the unnamed "popular female idol" mentioned by a veteran photoshoot editor.

Back on October 21, a photoshoot editor who said that they worked in the industry for 15-years took to a lengthy, angry SNS post and accused a female idol of "trampling [them] underfoot" with a verbal anger rampage. This editor claims that they took an audio recording of the incident to serve as evidence later, but has yet to publicize this recording. 

After this SNS post became a heated topic online, many netizens speculated that the editor's use of the hashtags #psycho and #monster pointed to Red Velvet. Soon, netizens and industry insiders alike began to accuse Red Velvet's Irene of being the female idol in question.

When some fans stepped up to defend Irene by pointing out that this editor had complimented Irene's visuals in the past, even mentioning that they liked Irene & Seulgi's song "Monster", the editor responded by deleting the post praising Irene's beauty from 4 years ago. The post which mentioned "Monster" was also edited. 

Furthermore, to comments by netizens on their SNS stating, "I want to help", the editor replied, "I'm gonna see this through"

Meanwhile, SM Entertainment has not issued a response to this ongoing issue. 

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henry1984342,473 pts Thursday, October 22, 2020 10
Thursday, October 22, 2020

if it happened he should just say who it is instead of just messing around he's obviously just using this for publicity or he's trying to use it to get money from the idols agencies / he should just say who it is if he has evidence


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gypsy_jaeger4,782 pts Thursday, October 22, 2020 0
Thursday, October 22, 2020

Just drop the recording and "see this through" the end as you claim it. If that idol is really in the wrong then the Korean entertainment industry does not lack beautiful people, she will have her career destroyed by her own bitchy attitude anyway. What is that person even waiting for? "Silence money?"



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