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Brothers NCT's Doyoung & Gong Myung are already having funny Instagram interactions, just one day after Doyoung opens his account


NCT's Doyoung and his older brother/actor Gong Myung are already making fans LOL with their real-life sibling interactions on Instagram!

As many of you know, NCT's Doyoung opened up his personal Instagram account just yesterday. One of the first accounts he followed soon afterward was his brother Gong Myung's account!

Some time later, actor Gong Myung shared a flustered Instagram story update:

"I keep pushing 'Follow' but it won't let me follow you back for some reason (panic)(tears). Congratulations on making your Instagram~"

Seeing Gong Myung's post, Doyoung responded wittily by saying:

"Mr. Resonance, that's okay. After all, you and I are already brothers. Put your hands together and make a wish. Then it might work." 

(Note: The Korean word for "resonance" is 공명 (gong-myung), so literally Gong Myung's name means "resonance".)

In the end, the story concluded with a happy ending, as Gong Myung shared:

"Finally succeeded! Assa!!!"

Fans were happy to see Doyoung and Gong Myung already interacting with each other so actively on the SNS platform, and commented, 

"Why is he suddenly promoting his song kekekeke."
"I was having the same problem tho!! I finally followed him just a little while earlier, but for some reason I still can't follow Na Jaemin kekekeke." 
"Our brother-in-law-nim (heart)." 
"Why are these siblings so freaking cute."
"I'm not even Doyoung's fan but I love these siblings. They seem like they have pretty different personalities but they get along so well~"
"So cute kekekeke. And good job for promoting 'Make A Wish' Doyoung kekekeke." 

...and more!

Are you following NCT's Doyoung and actor Gong Myung on Instagram?

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7 days ago

I started giggling. I love lovely interactions like this



chanisangel158 pts 7 days ago 0
7 days ago

how cute. doyoung and another doyoung

even though gong myung would probably say its more like gong myung and another gong myung lol


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