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[ALBUM & MV REVIEW] Black Swan - 'Goodbye RANIA'


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Track List:

1. Tonight

2. Over & Over

3. Let Me Dance

4. Dr. Feel Good - Remix

5. Just Go - Remix

6. Hello - Remix

7. UP

8. Demonstrate - Remix

9. Get Out

10. Start a Fire

11. Make me ah

12. Beep Beep Beep

13. No Dab

14. Breathe Heavy

BLACKSWAN is one of K-Pop's most long-awaited girl group debuts. Under DR Music, this group's alluring focal point is the multicultural members from Senegal and Brazil. However, I'd argue that DR Music used their participation in the group as a method to garner attention towards the company and the group. BLACKSWAN's debut is a slightly controversial one, as DR Music has chosen to have the group re-release former Rania songs as an end to Rania's era. Thus, BLACKSWAN's first debut album is titled "Goodbye Rania." 

The album starts fairly well, with new vocals and seemingly newly recorded songs, until the shoddily packaged remixes convince you otherwise. "Tonight" is a somewhat impactful debut, but the MV and concept don't exactly leave a great impression. The other two original songs, house track "Over & Over" and downtempo "Let Me Dance," are both passable K-Pop tracks at best. Both songs sound a bit dated and just doesn't stack up to the mainstream industry's continual mega hits.

It seems that DR Music has not learned their lesson with Rania and has unfortunately cast upon a similarly dismal fate onto BLACKSWAN. If the group is supposed to be a new unit unrelated to Rania, it seems like a self-sabotaging move to have the group opt just to be a bonafide Rania cover band. With such hype garnered over the multicultural lineup, DR Music has tons of room to develop a unique, societally-challenging and boundary-defying artist, but for lack of a better word: fumbled the bag. Rather than listen to this repackage of Rania's songs, you're better off watching old Rania performances on YouTube.


The group's music video for "Tonight" is their first attempt at any sort of concept, but the video failed to make too much of an impact even then. In particular, I didn't care for the way they isolated Fatou, the group's Senegalese member. The MV kept separating her in shots and scenes, and it felt as though they were stifling her in more ways than one. The blatant use of people of color (Fatou and Leia, specifically) in this video is gimmicky and offensive. It doesn't make you feel good about how these idols are potentially being treated. The MV itself is awkward and has uncomfortable energy that makes you feel as though there's no cohesion to the group (whom I'm sure is very hard-working, talented, and deserving of a proper debut).


MV Relevance…..5

MV Production…..4

MV Concept……..4

MV Score: 4.3

Album Production…...5

Album Concept……...4


Album Score: 4.3

Overall: 4.3

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gommo475 pts Wednesday, October 21, 2020 0
Wednesday, October 21, 2020

You're so right, the girls are so talented but the debut could be managed better



ames4585 pts Tuesday, October 20, 2020 0
Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Great review! Blackswan is definitely just RaNia with a new name and DrMusic hasn’t changed



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