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One fan files a complaint with the police requesting a proper investigation of the AOA bullying incident


Many netizens were shocked due to the recent events of former AOA member Mina being rushed to the hospital after leaving an ominous post on her Instagram of self-harm. Amidst this time of difficulty, one fan revealed that she filed a complaint with the police requesting for a proper investigation.

On August 9th, a post with the title "A request for a full investigation into the AOA bullying incident has been made to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Department" on an online community called DCInside - AOA gallery. The netizen wrote, "I don't think I can just stay still anymore. I felt like I had to do something so I requested The Seoul Metropolitan Police Department to hold a full investigation of the AOA bullying incident. I made a civil complaint through the national complaint center."

The netizen revealed the civil complaint that was filed and stated, "The public has been shocked after the former AOA member Mina had uploaded a gruesome photo of self-harm on social media and attempted to take her own life. Fortunately, her life is not in danger but this is not the first time this has happened...Mina had continuously spoken about her distress as she mentioned the names of certain individuals. Fans cannot continue to watch such a situation any longer. We want to relieve the pain in Mina's heart. I request that a formal investigation be held in this case so that those at fault can be punished accordingly."

The full complaint reads:

"Title: Please investigate the bullying incident which took place among the members of AOA, an idol group belonging to FNC Entertainment.

On August 8th, a former AOA member Kwon Mina had posted a photo of self-harm and attempted to take her own life, leaving the public shocked.

Fortunately, Mina's life is not in danger currently. However, this is not her first time attempting to take her own life. She had previously posted photos of her scar from her previous attempts. Therefore, we cannot feel relieved in this situation.

This time, Mina mentioned the names of certain individuals and spoke about the distress she had experienced until now.

It is difficult for fans to keep watching such a situation. We want to relieve the pain in Mina's heart.

Therefore, we hope that the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency can launch an official investigation into the case as soon as possible so that those who are at fault can face reasonable punishment."

Previously, Mina had written "I will go to a happier place. It's too agonizing here." and mentioned the names such as Jimin, Seolhyun, and Han Sung Ho, CEO of FNC Entertainment  stating, "You people have driven a person to death."

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jack-bean (Banned)2,288 pts Monday, August 10, 2020 2
Monday, August 10, 2020

Workplace bullying is illegal in Korea and a gapjil (workplace bully, usually an authority figure) can now to go jail for using their position to bully others or for not taking action when they know their employees are bullying other employees.




Clearly Mina was being bullied at work for 11+ years. The fact that she is a celebrity does not change the fact that she has the right to not be bullied on the job. She went to FNC management and told them what she was experiencing and they did nothing to help despite clearly defined legal guidelines.

FNC needs to settle this by acknowledging their responsibility.
First they need to pay her the wages owed her, and then they need to pay for damages she suffered as a result of being bullied while in AOA and finally they need to pay for her psychiatric treatment that she would not have needed were she not bullied for over a decade.


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mostly-ten103 pts Monday, August 10, 2020 0
Monday, August 10, 2020

I’m so glad that someone finally spoke up. We need justice for MINA!



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