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Track List:

1) Flash

2) Waves (feat. Simon Dominic & Jamie)

3) Who U Are

4) Runaway (feat. YUMDDA)

5) Movie (feat. Dvwn)

6) Night

Kang Daniel's newest mini-album, "MAGENTA" continues the artist's color-based theme following his release of "CYAN" earlier this year. Daniel released "Waves" featuring Jamie and Simon Dominic earlier last week, but has since followed up with his MV and title track, "Who U Are".

Overall, "MAGENTA" boasts growth in Kang Daniel since CYAN, however, I don't feel that "Who U Are" should have been the title promotional song because I felt that the impact of having a collaboration on "Waves" to be more powerful. "Who U Are" boasts a simple song progression that feels unsurprising, but still enjoyable, however, I felt that "Waves" was the track that left a bigger impression with its characteristic Latin flair and mix of talent.

"Flash" starts out the album as a melodic EDM/Trap-inspired introductory track, which, I feel does a great job setting the tone for what you're about to hear on the rest of the album. Daniel also has a number of collaborations on the rest of the albums as well beyond that of "Waves" including YUMDDA on "Runaway" a bouncy feel-good, reggae-inspired feel. Rising artist, DVWN also lent his vocals on "Movie". "Movie" gives the album a sort of balance that's needed after the upbeat and mid-tempo songs. The album ends on "Night" which seems to be conclusive to the album's diverse soundscapes and has a more classic K-Pop sound that showcases Daniel's soft Pop/R&B suited voice. Daniel definitely gave every genre a try on this album and I can appreciate the dedication to diversity on this new album for sure. 

One thing I really enjoyed and have to point out about this release is the very deliberate tracklisting of the songs. Every song seems to have extremely intentional placement and the energy of the track prior always seems to lead perfectly into the song proceeding it. A tiny detail, but an appreciated one, nonetheless.


Frankly, I preferred the music video to "Waves" over the MV to "Who U Are". The pre-released single, "Waves" just seemed to have a more complete-feeling video with dynamic shots and MV progression. In the case for "Who U Are," I didn't like how it was a singular shot on Kang Daniel for his performance bits. It felt like the lack of different scenes gave the video a low-budget feeling.

Though the MV's feeling and aesthetic visuals do really suit the bass-booming progression of the song itself, I can't help but feel that Daniel deserved a little more plot-wise. There was really no apparent plot to the music video beyond him dancing with his backup dancers in this dramatic setting. I would have loved to see a bit more developed of an MV, especially after getting such a good one with "Waves".


MV Relevance…..6

MV Production…..7

MV Concept……..7

MV Score: 6.7

Album Production…...9

Album Concept……...8

Album Tracklisting......10

Album Score: 9

Overall: 7.9

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efem3,261 pts Monday, August 10, 2020 0
Monday, August 10, 2020

Thanks for the review!

I agree that Waves was more impactful than Who U Are because of its mix of talent, but I think that is also precisely the reason it is not title track material - he can't properly promote that song without Jamie and Simon D.

Who U Are feels extremely "title track"-esque to me and I wouldn't be surprised if it was originally meant to be a boy group title track that was given to Kang Daniel instead. What is outstanding about this song is the dance. I really recommend watching the dance practice (below) to get a better appreciation. I also think that's why the music video was more simple - they wanted to showcase the dance better. I agree though that it would have been cool to have more of a story, though if they wanted to show the story of him being a survivor of a battle from a dystopian world similar to that in Mad Max, then I think they got that effect across without dropping a ton of money.

There is not a skippable song on the album and I think there is something for everyone. Even people who weren't fans of his previous music will probably like something here. I hope people give it a chance!



Lxcaox817476 pts Tuesday, August 11, 2020 0
Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Thanks for your opinion/review, but #Danity understand Kang Daniel can’t properly promote #Waves without Simon D nor Jamie. Daniel also hinted #Waves used more budget than #WhoUAre. Daniel treated his features (Simon D and Jamie) very well - more like collab with lines distribution & higher budgeted MV. The performance-based MV of #WhoUAre is fine, since what I much prefer is his live performances anyway. Daniel & Konnect should be praised for providing 2 excellent songs & MVs within a week. I enjoyed #MAGENTA and hope Daniel will enjoy the rest of his promotion. Others should give #MAGENTA a chance, they’ll be pleasantly surprised how all 6 tracks are good 🥰



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