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Fans say if a CF for 'Caribbean Bay' was filmed with recent idols like BTS x BLACKPINK/TWICE it would create chaos


Recently, a netizen posted on an online community about the popular sexy Korean water park CF that featured members of 2PM and Girls' Generation. This commercial was filmed ten years ago in 2010 and created a sensation in the world of K-pop at the time.

The 'Caribbean Bay water park' commercial made controversy when it was first released but gained much popularity for the quality of the commercial. The commercial was filmed in a music video style, with a storyline of six people meeting at the waterpark as they train to become lifeguards. There are three love-lines that form in the commercial which caused a sensation back then.

Now netizens wonder how much bigger the controversy would be if the recent top idols such as BTS x BLACKPINK/TWICE were to film a commercial of a similar storyline. Many think that it would create chaos.








Netizens and fans commented:

"This commercial left a strong impression on me. The song was good too. But if it was filmed today then it would definitely create chaos."

"It's still a crazy commercial even though I watch it again now."

"I think there will be war in the communities if it was released with recent idols today."

"Even Kim Jong Un would be afraid of the war to come."

"There were still so many bad comments back then and there were so many anti-fans that formed after this commercial."

"Wow, brings back memories. The whole community will flip if it's released today."

"There will be nothing good that comes out from a commercial like this if it comes out today."

"Girls' Generation got cursed at a lot back then too."

"This time the whole world will flip since Kpop is so international now. You'll have international fandoms rise too."

"Would be pure chaos if it's today."

"It was a big issue back then too but it would be a war today."

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koog008442 pts Wednesday, July 29, 2020 11
Wednesday, July 29, 2020

It would be popular. But wouldnt work that well for bts black/twice. 2pm and snsd made it iconic because look at their figures and looks. 2pm were beastly idols known for their figure also they are around 6ft tall. Bts has jimin and jungkook who are the on the small size and fit for their size. Snsd has nice figures and are on the taller side at 5'6. Twice and bp are on the shorter side. With their heights and figure 2pm and snsd matched perfectly. Bts and twice/bp would look like friends around the same height.


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FragleDagle578 pts Wednesday, July 29, 2020 17
Wednesday, July 29, 2020

I don’t know about BTS, BP, or Twice. Yes they’re the most popular, but BTS isn’t really known for flexing their muscles. Besides maybe Jimin. That’s more of an EXO things. Not that they couldn’t, it’s just that they’ve never done that before.


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