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BLACKPINK's Hanbok costume designer states she wants to make "Hanbok become a global fashion trend"


Recently, the word "Hanbok" has heated up the internet around the world, especially in the U.S. 

This is because idol groups, such as BLACKPINK and BTS, have appeared in Hanbok in their music videos one after another and they have a large fandom overseas.


In particular, BLACKPINK made headlines on the 26th of last month when they appeared in NBC's online broadcast of "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon," wearing the traditional clothing with traditional patterns.

Danha, the CEO of Danha, a Korean traditional style fashion brand, stated that "I never imagined that I would target the overseas markets when I started my own business two years ago." She was the mastermind behind BLACKPINK's hanbok and she stated that "I think it's an opportunity to let the world know about the charms of our traditional clothing."

She stated she has been absorbed into Hanbok since she was young and even wore Hanbok to high school. When she became an adult, she took Hanbok with her when she traveled abroad to places like America or Europe. Every time she showed the locals, they all said the Hanbok was beautiful and she was certain that Hanbok is beautiful to everyone's eyes.

That's when she decided to create her brand. She stated " I wanted to improve it so that everyone could wear it easily. But I thought it would be possible to reinterpret it only if I knew the tradition correctly, so I learned about the history of Hanbok at the Royal Dressing Research Institute in February 2016."

In 2018, she took a master's and a doctorate in costume studies at Sungkyunkwan University and created the current brand.

"My basic rule of thumb was to make what I wanted to wear. I thought a lot about improving the shortcomings of Hanbok, which is not practical, such as mobility, heat, and difficulties in managing the clothing. I wanted to show everyone that Hanbok can be worn every day."

The reinvented Hanbok gained popularity both domestically and overseas due to the increased popularity of Kpop and also the Netflix original show 'Kingdom'. Many more became familiar with Korean traditional clothing.

That's when YG Entertainment took an interest and decided to have Hanbok as one of the costumes to BLACKPINK's new song "How You Like That"

Danha also revealed that "The costume that one member wore is made as a genderless outfit, created by combining a men's robe and a women's top."  She stated that "I was able to create a new work by improving the outfits to be made suitable for intense dance choreography."

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kairiii250 pts Monday, July 6, 2020 9
Monday, July 6, 2020

But then ppl would cry cultural appropriation at every corner lol


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biancardi1,687 pts Monday, July 6, 2020 4
Monday, July 6, 2020

I would love to wear one, but I would be branded as doing CA, even if the designer is Korean and wants everyone, including white people, to wear her items. I find that it isn't those who live in a country (Japan, India, China, Korea, etc) who cry out CA, but the western world. I find that most countries love it when you take an interest in their culture, eat their foods, try making their recipes, wearing their clothes, in respect.

It's sad that we cannot even enjoy other cultures freely anymore - even when those cultures WANT us to.


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