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Netizens talk about Suzy's 'Korean rolled egg omelette' blanket that she's been using for the past 8 years


Suzy's "Korean rolled egg omelette/Gyeran-mari (계란말이)" blanket has gained a lot of attention after a netizen pointed out that the idol turned actress has been using it for the past eight years!

An amused netizen made an online community post detailing Suzy's bringing her same beloved blanket on numerous sets throughout her acting career. The lovable blanket noticeably makes appearances during filmings that take place during winter. Suzy definitely is an adorable egg roll as she wraps herself in her beloved blanket. 

The writer of the post also included a transcription of a conversation they had with Suzy regarding the blanket.

It reads as follows:

"Fan: I have a really useless question. I've been curious for a while and wondered if I should ask it.

Suzy: Yes.

Fan: The omelette blanket. It's appeared since 2012 and appears whenever it starts to get cold. I wanted to ask if you use multiple blankets that are the same or whether you wash the same one. 


Fan: Please explain.

Suzy: This is a hard question. I feel like my manager would know better. One second...

Fan: It seems like you don't do your own laundry?

Suzy: Yes. LOL so apparently the blanket isn't washed very often but it is washed!

Fan: That's a relief. I thought you hadn't washed it since 2012.

Suzy: LOL

Fan: Thank you for the reply."

Comments on the community post include:

"Ahhh this is so cute." 

"LOL I'm using my blanket for 11 years too..."

"This is adorable. That blanket has been at many drama filmings."

"Suzy is so cute."

"Our cute princess."

We look forward to seeing the egg roll blanket at more of Suzy's productions to come!

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i wonder who gave her this blanket...must've been from someone very special


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