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Super Junior's Leeteuk reveals why fans are amazing people + shares his thanks toward hoobae idols


Continued from part 1 of his interview with 'News1', Super Junior's Leeteuk demonstrated his strong love for Super Junior as the group's leader, also addressing topics like fans, sunbae groups, and hoobae groups. 

Q: Super Junior decided to renew their contracts together as a group, and even created a separate label for the group's promotions. How much do you want to protect the group?

A: "The Super Junior members all promote in very different fields individually, but we always think, 'Let's not lose our home'. Every celebrity endures ups and downs in the entertainment industry. Whether you do well or you do poorly, Super Junior is a resting place to return. The members all mutually understand how precious this team is, because we worked very hard and trained very hard to debut. That's why we all agreed to creating our own label. We all strongly want to continue the brand of Super Junior for a long time." 

Q: Do you have a particular member you like to confide in or rely on?

A: "I talk with all of the members time and again. Recently, I've been talking with Donghae a lot. We live in the same apartment complex, so we see each other often." 

Q: What does E.L.F mean to Leeteuk?

A: "I truly respect our fans. It's not easy being an active fan. Fans buy albums, take photos of us where ever we go, they come to fan sign events, they come to concerts both in Korea and abroad, they vote for us and work hard to leave comments under our contents. All the while they are also studying in school or working their jobs. They've been dedicated to these arduous tasks for many years. It's impossible without true love as a fan. They could have liked us at first then lost interest after time, but they still love us after so many years and that's amazing. It's only because of E.L.F that we can shine on stage. Thank you for always cheering for us."

Q: Super Junior can now join the ranks of idol groups like Shinhwa as legendary long-running idols. You're also being named by many hoobae idols as role models?

A: "We have a long way to go before we can catch up to Shinhwa-hyungs. They are even more incredible people than us. I'm grateful that many hoobae idols are naming us as role models. However, it would be great if they talked about it a bit more openly (Laughter)." 

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Sandyofili150 pts Saturday, April 4, 2020 0
Saturday, April 4, 2020

I love super junior and I love Leeteuk



Armyinthehouse988 pts Saturday, April 4, 2020 1
Saturday, April 4, 2020

There was this era when Suju was in every show, having their own varieties and basically being the most active group out there in the sense of letting fans get to know and connect with the members as people with their flaws, their personality traces... That made us fans since back then connect with them in a different sense than with other groups that were less visible and less raw in a sense (this with different ways and with freedom, reminds me of what BTS did as well). Till today I haven't seen a whole group from SM being this natural and connecting the same way, I always feel like SM is trying to put a veil over them, but Suju was unique, something that SM didn't expect to be preserved through time, leftovers from TVXQ with whom they were trying to get some money back from their training. Now they are Fucking Super Junior (without 05 and bulshit) with their own label to secure their name, the freaking last man standing.


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