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Lingerie fashion brand owner and Youtuber Haneul losing thousands of subscribers after her school violence controversy


Lingerie fashion brand owner and Youtuber Haneul has lost hundreds of thousands of YouTube subscribers after her school violence controversy.

Haneul was previously under scrutiny after allegations that she was a school violence perpetrator and abusive to her employees began to circulate on the internet. Her company is said to have a 91% turnover rate due to her abusive behavior. 

She had 891,000 Subscribers on YouTube but after the controversy, her YouTube channel has been steadily losing subscribers.

The Youtuber has since lost 50,000 followers since February 13th as a former school violence victim alleged that Haneul took money and beat her up. Currently, her YouTube channel has 775,000 Subscribers but she is losing thousands of subscribers daily.

Haneul has since uploaded a handwritten apology letter that reads as follows: 

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"Hello. This is Haneul. I’m very ashamed of my actions in the past. 

I’m writing to sincerely apologize to those that I hurt. I grew afraid and anxious about my past actions as I received more love from people. I grew more anxious the more people showed interest in me, which motivated me to work harder. I reflected upon my actions and walked in the shoes of the other person, and I felt very sorry. It might be hard for those who were hurt because of me to face me, but I really want to meet you in person and apologize. I hope you give me the chance to apologize to you.

I’m very sorry to the people I hurt with my actions."

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borahae6,813 pts Wednesday, February 19, 2020 3
Wednesday, February 19, 2020

you were so shamed of your past that you did not apologize until this became public? you are just a fake entitled rich mean girl, go away.


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AnonymousInsider1,165 pts Wednesday, February 19, 2020 0
Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Okay... so you apologize to the past victims but don’t mention that people have turned over you’re a terrible boss? The way you word it doesn’t even really come off as sincere it sounds like you’re saying “sorry I got called out for bullying and abusing people”... really? You sound like amazon...



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