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K-POP fans all over the world trend #MamaApologizetoEXO after MNET horribly disrespects EXO once again


Less than a day ago was the annual MAMA awards and like last year EXO decided not to attend. The biggest EXO fan clubs have also released statements since 2018 for EXO-Ls not to vote on MNET awards as they dont support this award show because of the evidence that it is rigged and because of their disrespectful practices towards certain artists, their fans and especially towards EXO already 5 years in a row.

Many K-POP fans that watched the show were extremely shocked at the disrespectful acts throughout the night especially towards EXO who were not even attending, so they quickly made sure to be able to record what they saw and share it on social media. It started with the clip below but the outrage grew even more as the show went on as other parts of the show were even more disrespectful, after the huge backlash, MNET has deleted the video off their social media but they have also remained silent and have yet to release an apology towards EXO and their fans.

MAMA awards have previously also faced backlash for copying EXOs concert VCR and also

backlash because evidence surfaced that the award show is rigged because EXO was supposed to win the majority of the awards they were nominated for at previous MAMA awards because they led in every criteria for the awards. Previously G-Dragon also dissed MAMA when he performed hinting at the award show being rigged when 2NE1 was supposed to win an award but for an unknown reason, they did not. After PD101 shows proving to be rigged fans even more angry that only now people are starting to believe MNET shows and awards are rigged and refuse to believe it until a group they care about gets affected.

Another thing that made many fans angry is that MNET tried to manipulate and fabricate the audience's opinion and memory about previous years by fabricating EXO members' tears from the last time EXO attended MAMA which was in 2017 when they accepted album of the year award. That year was extremely traumatizing to fans and the EXO members themselves because MNET cut EXOs performance, confiscated EXO-Ls' lightsticks and turned off the remaining lightsticks to try to give EXO a black ocean, robbed EXO of the awards they were clearly supposed to win based on criteria, they also had the security personnel harass and be extremely violent with pushing EXO-Ls using barricades which endangered many fans because many fell and almost got stepped on.

Those are only a few of the reasons why EXO-Ls and K-POP fans are demanding an apology towards EXO and EXO-L because that video montage is not acceptable as EXO cried on stage because they saw and knew what was happening with fans in front of the stage not because they won, many fans were crying and there are pictures and videos of Suho comforting fans telling them not to cry which later he did himself too. So it's incredibly horrible and disrespectful on MNETs side to use those tears and call them "tears of joy" and when it's not the case and everyone who watched the show and attended the award show knew the real reason why the EXO members cried. The fact that the EXO members themselves cried and were very really upset was confirmed by Song Jong Ki who was hosting the award show and later revealed EXO members cried even backstage after the award show. Later the EXO members said they will protect their fans next time and in 2018 they released their full album at the end of the year as they did this year too and so far they have not attended MAMA again. Here are a few tweets down below which should help you understand why K-POP fans demand an apology towards EXO and EXO-L.

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mysterious_eyez449 pts Thursday, December 5, 2019 2
Thursday, December 5, 2019

Wow, I don't really watch the award shows anymore so I never really knew MAMA was so shady. If all that really happened fans have a reason to be mad.


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Kirsty_Louise16,695 pts Thursday, December 5, 2019 1
Thursday, December 5, 2019

Mnet is shady as hell, always has been and likely always will be. I can't comprehend the pettiness of them too, is this company being run by children?! EXO deserve better than this, I just sadly can't see Mnet ever admitting to that.


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