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Posted by LorraineYe AKP STAFF Tuesday, December 3, 2019

10 Fashion Trends That Defined K-Pop in the 2010s


Can you believe it's already almost the 2020s? It seems the 2010s went by so fast! This last decade has been a whirlwind for K-Pop. What was once a genre that no one thought would last has now made significant impacts on countries all around the world! Zealous fans from all over have taken to K-Pop fashion over these last ten years thanks to the impact of popular idols. Here are 10 fashion trends that we think defined K-Pop in the 2010s:

10. Denim on Denim

Ranging in a variety of washes, denim clothing has become a huge staple in K-Pop fashion. We see a number of performance stages and photoshoots where the concept is denim on denim. The denim trend that has been recently re-popularized seems to be a resurgence of 90's fashion with more people than ever toting their denim jackets and jean combos!

9. Mullets

Some argue that the mullet was a monstrosity that should have never cycled back into the mainstream, but some think the complete opposite! Certain idols over the course of this last decade have managed to pull this iconic 1980s' hairstyle out of its trend grave and revitalize it for a modern dyed twist. The hair is surprisingly not as mortifying as we once thought.

8. Monochrome

In a world of plaids, stripes, and patterns, somehow monochromatic ensembles managed to break out in these past few years and really steal the spotlight. Idols across every company ditched their loud prints in favor of single-toned clothing. Color trends have varied from muted pinks and blues to neon green and other jewel-toned colors. 

7. Glasses 

It feels like as a normal person, I have one pair of glasses, and every so often I get a new pair to wear. K-Pop idols always seem to have multiple frames and pairs and cycle through them to match their outfits. This glasses trend gave way to the massive trend of getting frames with lenses that don't have a prescription just to get the look! Fans worldwide have rushed to get the same frames to match their favorite K-Pop idols over this past decade.

6. Colored Contacts

Natural eye color became a thing of the past for K-Pop fashion. It's easy to change the color of your eyes nowadays due to the rampant rise and demand for this trend! Nowadays, there are even sites that specialize in selling specific color contacts so you can achieve these incredible looks that your favorite stars are rocking.

5. School Uniforms

We always hear about how bad uniforms suck when we're talking to someone who wears them to private school every day, but ever since K-Pop groups started bringing out school uniforms as group fashion concepts, they suddenly don't look so unappealing. In fact, the cute plaid skirts and ties started looking pretty fashionable and attractive!

4. Oversized Tops

In the early 2000s, it was all about form-fitting clothing that showed off your body's natural shape, but nowadays, we've done a complete 180 in K-Pop fashion and opted for oversize tops of all sorts. Whether it's a huge button up with giant sleeves or simply an oversized hoodie or shirt, you're bound to catch idols looking daintier than ever with these oversized fashion statements.

3. Chunky Sneakers

Widespread popularity with the really chunky sneakers when K-Pop artists started to show interest in streetwear. The Balenciaga Triple S is one of the most notable styles that K-Pop idols have been into and since that trend took off, we've seen huge sneakers on many popular celebrities. Huge shoes became a fashion statement for more muted or simple outfits.

2. Dad Hats/Baseball Caps

Just as Balenciaga Triple S shoes made it to the feet of every celebrity, the trend of dad caps was gaining steam quickly. Idols began to wear baseball caps with all kinds of different designs, some of the most notable being the 'pierced baseball caps' where metal rings are hooked into holes made into the bill of the cap itself and 'safety pin caps' where idols stuck huge safety pins as accessories for existing baseball caps. 

1. Streetwear

The popularity of brands like Hood By Air, Off-White, Adidas, PUMA, and Nike more began to spread quickly over the course of this decade, and the impact of Korean Streetwear as a popular trend made fashion movements spin up and occur worldwide. Suddenly, as if overnight, fans all over were rocking the same streetwear pieces as many notable idols. In 2019, we've had streetwear morph from very simplistic in concept to more complicated as groups like ITZY and EVERGLOW expand on the trend with feminine flair.

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