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Fans angry at a sportswriter for his degrading article and rude tweets about K-pop and SuperM


K-pop fans are expressing their anger towards Fort Worth Star-Telegram sportswriter Stefan Stevenson.

Stevenson covered SuperM's concert at the Dickies Arena in Fort Worth, Texas on November 11. After posting an article titled "SuperM launches K-pop tour at Dickies Arena to screams of joy and one huge blunder" online, he has engaged in conflict with K-pop fans on Twitter.

Excerpts from his article referred to the group condescendingly, especially regarding the group's lip-syncing performances. 

Fans have been angrily addressing the writer due to his tone, and Stevenson has continued to upload tweets about K-pop in what fans believe to be a degrading and mocking manner.

What do you think of this issue?

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Bart255101 pts 23 days ago 10
23 days ago

I got into kpop in 1999 when i bought my first G.O.D. and S.E.S. Cassettes. I was twelve at the time, so i spent a large part of my youth growing up with kpop. And now this prick tells me i can't like it anymore because of my age? That piece of trash should first investigate how long this genre had been around before tweeting bullcrap like this.


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kpopfan7355 pts 23 days ago 2
23 days ago

It's a trend. If you want attention, the easiest thing to do is go after kpop. You'll quickly go from irrelevant to trending on twitter or news site or whatever. It's the new clickbait lol I haven't bothered to click on the link for his review cause that's what he wants.


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