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TWICE's Nayeon says she sang BTS's 'Fire' in her sleep?


TWICE's Nayeon says she sang BTS's "Fire" in her sleep.

On the September 28th installment of 'Surprising Saturday', BTS's 2016 hit "Fire" came up in a quiz question, and Boom commented, "I heard that Nayeon was singing to BTS's 'Fire' in her sleep."

Nayeon responded, "I slept with an electric blanket on in the winter, and they told me I said, 'It's burning up.' I don't believe it."

In other news, TWICE recently made their comeback with "Feel Special".

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16 days ago

This happened few years ago. This incident was not recent but since the song was played on Amazing Saturday, the story came up. TWICE as a group liked BTS' Fire when it was released. They sing it so often. Even Dahyun had a viral video before when she tried to dance to it in Running Man. In a radio show they guested in several comebacks ago, they mentioned about this. The context was that the electric blanket was probably getting a little too hot and since the girls were into that song before, while sleep-talking Nayeon sang a few lines on the song. This doesn't mean anything bad. Hope people won't read too much into it. It was actually funny when she narrated it. Here's the vid.



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16 days ago

BTS sang Cheer UP and Twice sang Fire when they are still not at the top !!! Both are respected each other !!! You can search video on youtube and others !!!



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