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Posted by exocomebaek AKP STAFF Friday, September 20, 2019

7 times Chen slayed us with his vocals #HappyChenDay


It is without a doubt that EXO’s Chen aka Kim Jongdae is a vocal legend but in celebration of his 28th Birthday(in Korean age) here are 7 times when his vocals have left us shook.

1. Immortal Song 2

This cover that Baekhyun and Jongdae did will go down in history as one of the best showcases of their talent to date. The two of them were the last to be added into the line up of EXO and they both auditioned and got in because of their vocals just a few months before they debuted. It is obvious the both of them are born idols because this talent can’t be made up.

2. Best Luck

    One of the best performances that Jongdae has ever put on would be when he sang ‘Best Luck’ at the TVN APAN STAR AWARDS. This was the OST to fellow EXO member, Kyungsoo’s drama, ‘It’s okay, that’s love’. Right before the performance started, it could be seen that Jongdae takes in a deep breath of air and he seemed a little nervous. However, as soon as he started to sing, his confidence really shows and he executes every high note perfectly. In the video, you can see just how proud Kyungsoo looks while watching him. (And honestly, same Kyungsoo!)

    3. Drunken Truth

      Jongdae has the voice of an angel and his visuals are just an extra plus to the god-given talent he was blessed with. His performance on ‘King of Masked Singer’ just proves that even if we can’t see him, his talent really shines through. His voice is extremely stable in both his high and low registers and his vocal color is one of the prettiest to exist. When Jongdae sings, everyone wants to listen because he sings with his heart.

      4. Tears

        Personally, this was one of the videos that turned me from a casual fan of EXO to a stan because I was blown away by Jongdae's talent. It is extremely impressive that Jongdae has the ability to sing an extremely difficult song in it’s original female key. While he is singing, even though it is a hard song to pull off, he does it happily and it is obvious to see that he greatly enjoys singing.

        5. May We Bye

          Onestar is a great singer and Jongdae is just as amazing, so with this collab, fans were absolutely blown away by the amount of talent in one song. The highlight of the song is when they each sang high notes outdoing one another till they reached the final high note together and sang it harmoniously. Their vocals are definitely no joke.

          6. Transformer

            At MAMA 2016, during EXO’s performance of ‘transformer’, Jongdae had a wardrobe malfunction and ripped his pants midway during the song. However, despite this, he performed extremely professionally, even smoothly taking off his coat to cover up the rip and hitting the iconic high notes of the song with ease. Jongdae is just amazing.

            7. Beautiful Goodbye

            Jongdae has talked about always wanting to do something singing related and said he was even going to become a vocal teacher if he didn’t become a K-pop idol. We are all blessed that he was given a platform that allows us all to appreciate his voice. In his solo album, ‘April and a flower’, the emotions that were poured into each and every one of his performance whether he is busking at the beach or to a crowd of hundreds or thousands, shows just how dedicated to his craft Jongdae is. Jongdae is not only a skilled singer but a singer who sings with so much passion that it is an absolute joy to listen to him and see him perform.

            Jongdae will be releasing another album on the 1st of October titled ‘Dear my dear’ and EXOLs can’t wait to see this vocal king get his much-awaited comeback. You can preorder his album here. Here’s to hoping that in the next year, Jongdae and his vocals will be celebrated even more. Happy 28th Birthday Jongdae!

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            jamietkh236 pts Friday, September 20, 2019 0
            Friday, September 20, 2019

            Have said so many times🥰, Chen's 'April and a Flower' starts my dreamy morning daily over bfast. Chen's melodious ballady crooning dominates booming my home space🥴🥰. Yest Chen's Beautiful Goodbye its lyrics reduced me to tears and soft sobbing😳🥺😢. Never ever can get enuf of Chen's singing voice. Never before in my entire breathing life have I been so enamored by a male singer's singing voice. Never before!!! Mostly female singers. So come Oct on eveready standby looking forward to the debut of Chen's next mini album. Just peering at 2 version album covers sent tingling excitement and bated anticipation of what to expect of this sensational gifted singer. Chen's singing send me heart twirling a-fluttering across unseen dimensions. My 'Happy Chen's Day' today and every day!💗💗💗💖💖💖💞💞💞💞🤭



            Kim_doh-2 pts Saturday, September 21, 2019 0
            Saturday, September 21, 2019

            the legit vocal king😍😍



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