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Former Dal Shabet member Serri spills the tea on idols with two girlfriends, Dispatch deals, and more


Former Dal Shabet member Serri is spilling tea on idol dating in her newest Youtube video. The former idol uploaded the video on August 23 and revealed some interesting new information and some new information on idol dating. 

Serri revealed that many idols now date using Instagram DM's and use other methods such as iPads and other tablets to message if they don't have cell phones. She also emphasized the importance of having a car in order to date, and the awkwardness at music shows when two idols had dated and then broken up. 

However, Serri reveals the more interesting information towards the middle of the video. She revealed interesting information that Dispatch and celebrities make deals to break dating news. In the case that Dispatch takes pictures of two celebrities dating, they send a deal to the celebrities in question. Serri also spilled the tea about idols who date two people at once, stating that really popular celebrities have both a celebrity girlfriend and a normal girlfriend, calling the idol dating world an 'animal kingdom.' 

Many idols have previously made videos about dating life but Serri definitely has an interesting take on it. Check out the interesting video above! What do you think?

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aldebaran410 pts Wednesday, August 28, 2019 4
Wednesday, August 28, 2019

"Dispatch takes pictures of two celebrities dating, they send a deal to celebrities in question"... man that's a fancy sentence to say Blackmail


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millenium8134 pts Thursday, August 29, 2019 13
Thursday, August 29, 2019

Many member of famous groups probably are dating now but their agencies probably has ways to shut Dispatch up.


BTS members .... are dating ? now...

@/gloriousfckdays said: " Dispatch must know who are dating now, but there are also some Chinese sasaeng that have an interesting information. Guys, remember, many months ago a Chinese sasaeng wrote that a couple of famous Korean actors would divorce, said the actress is older than him, -// detailed the reasons //-, nobody believed her so she deleted everything, then a few months went by and the songsong couple divorce happened, well, then a few months ago that chinese sasaeng wrote again before completely closing her account, she wrote about the most famous kpop group with 7-star, she commented that some members are really in love, the member "E" is so in love with a successful great legend "A" of one of the biggest kpop companies, she is older than him but she never age, he did many things to conquer her love and apparently finally he earned her love, she didn't want to accept his love because of the age difference and to avoid fanwars, he has been in love with her for many years ago apparently he was her loyal fanboy, sasaeng called them (E + A) the most wonderful couple with the most wonderful story of love -// she gave more details //-, another member is "G" who is so in love with a successful Kpop singer soloist "J ", he even tries to surround himself with all the people around her, apparently they are finally getting close, his personality is influencing her personality lately, -// gave more details //-, She also commented that an member "M" who is in love with an almost famous foreign star, but that she only wants him as her friend, he is not her type yet. -// gave more details //- sasaeng also commented that there is a famous korean female legend "F" who pretends to be their friend but that "F" is really a fox who is trying to date any of them (7 stars) to achieve fame and popularity again, she was dating a member of another famous kpop boy group but they broke up, she is not a good person, "F" is a seeker and fake person. chinese sasaeng advises them being careful to give her too much confidence and friendship. -// gave more details // she wrote a lot, but some fans only translated it because that same day she deleted everything and canceled her account."

OH! WOW! ! Who will be them (their gfs)? what do you think? they are on vacation they are probably dating with their gfs finally


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