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UP10TION's Lee Jin Hyuk shows close friendship with former 'Produce X 101' trainees in new Instagram broadcast


UP10TION's Lee Jin Hyuk greeted fans via Instagram Live for the first time since making his account.

During the broadcast, he gave viewers a closer look at his beloved shiba inu character pouch, which became well known to fans after its appearance on 'Produce X 101.' The pouch contained a cushion pact, concealer, an eyebrow pencil, liptint, a 'Produce X 101' mirror, and eyedrops. It also contained some BB cream that was recommend to him by Fantagio trainee and fellow show contestant Han Gi Chan.

Also inside the pouch was a small 'Marimong' plush gifted to him by iME Korea trainee Lee Se Jin.

"First, Se Jin gave all of the contestants a 'Marimong.' I asked him to make a special edition one just for me. Every time I saw Se Jin, he would tell me 'I'll give it to you next time,' and gave me this one [as an I.O.U]. I'm still waiting," he teased.

Other trainees from the program were constantly calling or sending him KakaoTalk messages during the broadcast. One call was from Jellyfish Entertainment trainee Kim Min Kyu, to which he replied "Minkyu, if I talk on the phone, I have to close my Instagram app." Music Works' Song Yu Vin, Brand New Music's Kim Si Hun, and even his father and grandmother called as well.

Another contestant who made an appearance was Maroo Entertainment's Lee Jin Woo, who sent him a text message telling him to stop when he playfully danced to 'Produce X 101' evaluation song "Pretty Pretty" for his fans.

Later, he talked about which trainees he was closest to during the season, saying he and Kim Min Kyu meet "surprisingly often," as the two would spent a lot of time off-camera hanging out with Starship Entertainment trainee and current X1 member Song Hyeong Jun. He also keeps in touch with Play M Entertainment's Choi Byung Chan and Urban Works' Kim Dong Gyu.

"There's a chatroom that I labeled 'Life-lasting chatroom," he also admitted, saying it consists of Song Hyeong Jun, Kim Min Gyu, him, Starship Entertainment's Ham Won Jin, and sidusHQ's Park Sun Ho.

Lastly, Lee Jin Hyuk announced that he had heard that day that he will be holding a fan meeting in either the second or third week of August.

"I will be able to meet with my fans much faster than I thought. Tomorrow I am going have a meeting with people from the agency and begin planning. I will try hard to make it a happy and fun day for everyone," he explained.

Meanwhile, Lee Jin Hyuk was a popular rap position trainee that was eliminated in the 'Produce X 101' finale. Many fans of the program reacted to the shocking elimination by beginning to campaign for various project groups where he would be a member, including 'BY9.'

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cupidkyumi990 pts Monday, July 22, 2019 0
Monday, July 22, 2019

Yuvin even called him twice 🤣 And knowing him it's probably just for the sake of teasing Jinhyuk.



kat91,708 pts Monday, July 22, 2019 0
Monday, July 22, 2019

I watched it. It was so funny that Minkyu, Yuvin, his dad etc. all kept calling him when he's trying to do his live.



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