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'Produce X 101' group BY9 may get a debut


The nine eliminated trainees from the finale of 'Produce X 101' may get a debut as BY9 and netizens are speculating whether this dream may become a reality. 

Shortly after the line up of X1 was revealed, fans rallied to form a group of the 9 eliminated trainees from the final round, even donating up to 100 million won to fund their debut. It has recently been revealed through Korean press that CJ E&M is closely monitoring the fans' reactions and that the members and agencies of members listed as BY9 are also aware of this situation as well. 

Although it may be difficult to form a group due to all the members being in different agencies, it seems like this possibility is being considered. Former project groups such as Rainz and JBJ have achieved marked success, leading to believe that investing in BY9 may also be possible. 

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lh7xo17 pts Tuesday, July 23, 2019 12
Tuesday, July 23, 2019

yall are so selfish im speechless.. yall really are THIS ignorant, why dont you stop being delusional and understand that yuvin and jinhyuk went on produce ONLY because their companies couldnt promote their groups properly.... yall took wooseok away from us and now this ITS JUST TOO MUCH SIS nobody asked for ur lineup, u dont even know if the boys want to debut again???? im 100% sure that myteen members want yuvin back and up10tion members want jinhyuk back. if jinhyuk and yuvin debut in by9 this puts their ORIGINAL groups at risk because they will continue being so unpopular and may even disband.. PLEASE look at the bigger picture and think about it, is it worth it in the long run to ruin two groups with the price of a temporary jbj ripoff?? AT LEAST GIVE THEM A BREAK FIRST like i get it you want ur faves to debut but how about making a lineup of trainees who havent debuted before, this is just plain unfair wtf not to mention that yall happy that seungwoo debuted....... he is INJURED and all he needed was to rest and go back to victon yet yall couldnt care less cuz ur oppa debuts im so done with this do yall realize that so many alices and honey10s are broken rn SWEATING and being anxious abt the future??? especially with victon its just so heartbreaking and we will NOT go through this again with jinhyuk and yuvin cant u just leave those who are already idols alone and make up ur fanprojects with trainees who actually WANT to debut?


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Fireweaver191 pts Tuesday, July 23, 2019 15
Tuesday, July 23, 2019

guess when everyone cried at this part

they really were just being fake 🤡cause they all still want to split yuvin from gukehon and myteen 💁

and split wei from his brothers in up10tion 😔


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