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[WARNING!! - TRIGGERING] A shocking report by MBC reveals the gruesome true nature of clubs like Burning Sun


Article: 'Straight' exposes officetel for VVIP of Gangnam Club ... 'Incineration team' destroys evidence

Source: Segye

***[WARNING!! - Contains graphic details of r*pe and morethat can be triggering]***

A new report by MBC has revealed the true nature of Gangnam clubs.

According to a report by MBC's exploratory program 'Straight' that aired on the 22nd, Clubs in Gangnam including 'Arena' and 'Burning Sun' have set up officetels, decorated with top-of-the-line rooms for their best VVIP customers. These officetels are used for drugs, prostitution, r*pe, illegal filming as well as sadistic sex crimes.

However, there are no traces of crimes left at these officetels because the clubs launched an "incinerator" team, a team of professionals that specialize in erasing evidence of the crimes.

The program revealed some of the text messages that were sent to the "incinerators" at these clubs and there were messages like:

"'000 officetel' - need to incinerate and discard into the previously mentioned area."

"The text message that the incinerator received is coded like a password" a staff member revealed. "In other words, they will need to incinerate the drugs at the officetel and the toilet paper and bloody clothes will need to be removed."

According to another report, the reason why bloodstains were found was because they would tie women there (and probably beat them up) and end up having hemorrhages and transfusion (with the help of doctors) while the women are spazzed out. And they will repeat the process while filming everything. Those people were the VVIP's. And they would go through extensive selection to pick an "incineration team" to get rid of the traces. 

The program also revealed that were also underage girls put into sex trade, they were basically considered a runaway. Once they learned that there were nowhere they could go back to, they were promised that they'd be debuted as celebrities to lure them. They'd be used as prostitutes and be thrown away. There was also a priest who was looking over those runaway teenagers. 2 of those girls came out of it, one was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, the other became pregnant and through repeated abortions, her uterus was removed. Those kids were basically supplied to those MDs and getting pimped-out. They said they'd receive more money than normal prostitutes. 

According to the report, the most important task for the incinerator team was to clear the bloodstains. An official from the incinerator team revealed in an interview to the production team and said, "I'll remove the blood by using a special spray that we were taught to use. It's a similar technique used by the Scientific Investigation Team crime labs in police departments.

He continued, "There was a time I went to clean up at 6:00am but the party wasn't over. When I got there the men all seemed out of it and I wasn't sure if I should come in. When I went in I saw a woman that looked like she was in a coma. Her face was twitching and she was bleeding. One guy, who appeared to be a doctor, was filming the scene and he said, "she's bleeding out, it must've been really good."

"To join the incinerator team, the club makes sure they are able to keep secrets and will be kept on a trial test for a while, the official said. "All incinerators only use cell phones and vehicles provided by the club and are expected to keep their movements secret."

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Monday, April 22, 2019

VIP's are defending this scum still?

He needs to be put down like the monster he is.

Anyone who defends these pieces of human garbage are a disgrace to the human race.


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Monday, April 22, 2019

Very traumatized upon reading this.... these barbarians should just incinerate in the deepest abyss of hell!



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