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BTS fans find missing ARMYPEDIA puzzle pieces all over the world


ARMYs are in search of international puzzle pieces for BTS' ARMYPEDIA.

As reported previously, BTS has announced a new scavenger hunt project for their fanbase ARMYs. Namely the 'ARMYPEDIA', this game is similar to the internet code-breaker puzzle game started by Cicada 3301, as well as to the famous 'Pokemon Go' app. To unlock never-before-seen photos and writings by BTS, ARMYs must find the missing pieces totaling up to 2,080 and claim their reward upon completion.

For example, one found QR piece revealed a selfie of J-hope taken on the day of his first mixtape release,  with a short message describing his emotions.

As soon as the QR codes were scattered, so did the ARMYs. In less than 3 days, ARMYs all over the world have already spotted many codes on billboard signs, yogurt carts, and other spaces in public.

Furthermore, some ARMYs have recruited tour groups to go on domestic or international trips together. According to one ARMY, some people have written: "I am looking for fellow ARMYs to do an ARMYPEDIA tour together for (x) number of days!", "I'm going on a Gyeongsangnamdo tour", "I am only doing international".

So far, pieces have been found in Seoul, Hong Kong, New York (Times Square), Paris, Los Angeles (K-Town), London, and in other major metropolitan cities.

Seeing this phenomenon, top-voted commenters shared on a community forum:

"By this time, the entire world, both online and off-line, will have become ARMY's BTS playground"

"For the agency, it's an advantage because they can compile their own digital database while presenting a game for the fans. For the fans, this can be used as a source to make or store special memories, and at the same time they feel a sense of achievement and excitement because it's a fun game?? Big Hit must have worked so hard to upload or paste these QR codes in off-line spaces for this event, doing all the preparations among themselves. I am so grateful that they have put so much effort into it... T_T"

"Seriously, this thing, Big Hit has done a job so f--kin well. So much money involved yet they really did it for the fans."

Have any of you found missing ARMYPEDIA pieces?

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thesiiiiickest1,206 pts Sunday, February 24, 2019 5
Sunday, February 24, 2019

I really liked that last comment in the article... lots of people have been complaining that bts are being too monetized nowadays with the amount of merch they have (imo they should make that coin when they can, good business people!), but this proves they just spent all that money and resources doing this FOR US, FOR FREE, with absolutely no gain... just a place where we can have fun and get together with our memories of bts 😭😭


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yoyo2811,867 pts Sunday, February 24, 2019 2
Sunday, February 24, 2019

This is something BTS/ Big Hit do really well. They know how to utilize social media to connect with their fans all around the world


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