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Netizens react to Kai & Jennie's breakup news with mixed responses


Netizens shared varying opinions on Kai and Jennie's breakup news.

Following SM Entertainment's confirmation of their breakup, netizens left heaps of comment on media outlets that covered the news. From YG Entertainment's perspectives to personal doubts regarding the breakup, a good amount of speculations rippled across the Internet.

Some of the top-voted comments include: 

"Did you all think Yang-ssa (CEO Yang Hyun Suk) would just leave them alone LOL"

"They would probably take care of it this way and then date each other behind-the-scenes LOL How does one stop the relationship of two youthful individuals"

"They were already busted. Any fan who left just for that reason alone is already long gone. The two should have been honest to their own feelings, then break up when they really felt the need to. Since they were only publishing this break-up news to try to stealthily read the face of the fans ("walking on egg shells"), this whole thing seems to lack sincerity even more."

In addition, some even hinted that their relationship might even "grow stronger" after this incident, due to a Romeo and Juliet effect.

Meanwhile, some once again mentioned YG's allegedly daunting 7th floor, suggesting that their relationship was probably cut short by Yang Hyun Suk ("Jennie has visited the 7th floor").

As a majority, however, netizens seem to leave comments verging on doubt, that they probably "texted each other even after this 'cover-up'." Any other speculations?

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OK_JeNNie_I0 pt Saturday, January 26, 2019 3
Saturday, January 26, 2019

what if they just hooked up once and got caught by dispatch. Then just decided to go with the flow for a while, since and now they just broke up cause it was fake from the beginning. meanwhile we all got trolled


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T_Jazz1,258 pts Saturday, January 26, 2019 0
Saturday, January 26, 2019

They were seen dating.

Their agencies confirmed the reports and stated, "Kai and Jennie have mutual feelings for each other."
When people attempt to get to know one another, it's because there's an interest or they like something about each other, right?

But what happens when they learn what they thought could be, isn't? 🛑 Haven't any of you gone out with someone a few times, someone you thought you liked, but when you got to know him/her, you didn't really like him/her? That's dating!

And there could only be a breakup if there was a committed relationship. These two simply stopped seeing one another.



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