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Posted by partyfan2013-18 pts Thursday, October 18, 2018

[MY OWN THOUGHTS] Supporting KittiB


OK, well, I just absolutely want to start by saying that I absolutely, most definitely and positively feel a million percent happy for female rapper KittiB right now because I know for sure that justice was served pretty well this week with fellow rapper Black Nut going to jail for only a entire year and also with him serving a two-year suspended sentence just right after that. And of course it's all because of Black Nut's ultimately inappropriate sexual lyrics directed at KittiB in his song titled, "Indigo Child". And now, I absolutely would like to completely add that it sure was uncalled for and unacceptable for Black Nut to say such demeaning, degrading and just oh so disrespectful things about this absolutely beautiful, gorgeous and pretty rapper right here in that particular song. And that especially goes with the fact that we are currently living in a Me Too era worldwide. Plus, i'm giving two big 'ol thumbs up to the judge who has rightfully thrown the book of justice right at him with such a perfect sentence to serve KittiB right and make her feel a whole lot more at ease.

And as for Black Nut here, well, I absolutely hope that he is absolutely learning his lesson very well and I strongly must expect him to apologize to KittiB for his inappropriate lines about her in his song sometime in the very near future. And also, I absolutely want him to start being a whole lot more careful with his choice of words in his songs because it's most definitely for certain that he will totally get into more trouble later on in his career if he dares himself to write another degrading, demeaning and disrespectful diss about another Korean female rapper. He can be allowed to go over the top with his lyrical content but as long as he realizes that there's a major red line that he absolutely just cannot cross from now on as he has just did with KittiB in recent months.

And now, going back to KittiB, I hope that she's 100% satisfied with the judge's ruling and is feeling a whole lot better with fellow rapper Black Nut learning a very valuable lesson with jail and a two-year suspended sentence. And i'm sure that this will also be served as a very stern warning to all of those male Korean rappers out there to remind themselves of being extremely careful in their choice of words in their own rhymes through their songs because if anyone else delivers a scathing and degrading diss towards another female rapper in the Korean hip-hop scene, well then, it will spell trouble and we all know that it might lead to legal trouble or whatever. So uh, yeah, it's best for all of the male Korean rappers all throughout the K-hip hop scene to be a whole lot more wary in their own rhymes.

Alright, so, I guess that's it and I most definitely would like to add one more thing here though before it's all said and done. Hopefully Black Nut will be a whole lot more cautious with his songs from now on when he starts making music again after doing plenty of time. I expect him to NEVER EVER EVER EVER make a inappropriate sexual diss about another beautiful female rapper at any point in the foreseeable future. OK, I guess that's really it for now and please feel free to tell me what you personally think about Black Nut's sentencing. Bye for now.

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my_onew12 pts Thursday, October 18, 2018 6
Thursday, October 18, 2018

Thought this was a news site, not someones personal blog ??


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Flozo22266 pts Thursday, October 18, 2018 1
Thursday, October 18, 2018

Faith in Humanity is fucking dead.

What type of society lets shit like this be punished but beating/raping citizens gets overlooked, especially when the abuser is drunk.

Fucking hell.


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