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Posted by LorraineYe AKP STAFF Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Unexpected Places Where We've Heard K-Pop

1. Sephora?
As of fairly recently, Sephora has expanded their skincare and makeup products to include some K-Beauty products that are popular in the beauty scene. One netizen said that while they were in France shopping at a local Sephora, they suddenly got full-body chills because Girls' Generation "Visual Dreams" started playing through the speakers. Similar accounts from other netizens exist in other Sephoras. Looks like someone working at Sephora loves K-Pop!
2. My Uber?
One netizen said that she was trying to get to the mall, and as she waited for her Uber to arrive, she didn't expect any sort of K-Pop music to be playing in the car. Anyone who has ridden an Uber knows drivers tend to play jazz or music that isn't too abrasive so that riders feel more comfortable in the car. However, this netizen claims that as soon as she got in, SHINee's "Lucifer" was on full-blast. That sure made the ride a whole lot more interesting!
3. Mall in Dubai?
While traveling abroad in Dubai, this netizen took to going to a famed attraction there: The Mall! This humongous mall is state-of-the-art and has pretty much any type of attraction and entertainment one would want. Not only did this netizen enjoy herself, when she walked in, Super Junior's "Sorry, Sorry" was playing. But to make things even better - there were ROBOTS that danced to the track! A hilariously unexpected moment that all K-Pop fans deserve to undergo.
4. McDonald's?
Hi, I'll have a Big Mac and some french fries... oh! Don't forget the K-Pop! In fact, there are many fan accounts of K-Pop fanatics going into McDonald's to eat and being stunned silent by the fact that their favorite songs are playing. Netizens have said that they've heard artists like Taeyang, Eric Nam, and more blasting through the speakers inside!
5. Cafeteria at School?
Since many K-Pop fans are still in school or university, some are surprised to hear their favorite artists being played in their institution's cafeterias! Fans have claimed that cafeterias are keen on playing K-Pop from time to time because students who work there have the option to control the music on certain days. Well, whatever day that is- you'll see us there!
6. At the Dodger's Game?
Many K-Pop fans don't necessarily enjoy sports the same way sports fanatics do, but if you attend a LA Dodgers game and Kenta Maeda goes up to bat, you will definitely hear Big Bang's "Bang Bang Bang" play! Every time Kenta bats, he has that song play, and not only does it hype up the baseball crowd, it hypes up our K-fanatic spirits too!
7. On the Street in Salt Lake City?
Tons of netizens have told stories about hearing K-Pop on a busy intersection or from an unsuspecting driver who is passing by. Of these stories, one of the most entertaining is a netizen who was in Salt Lake City, Utah happened to hear Red Velvet as a car zoomed by the intersection. Hearing K-Pop in a place like SLC was so eye-opening for this particular netizen that they started to keep their eye out for more cars playing their favorite songs while they spent time in Utah.
8. What's the most unexpected place you've ever heard K-Pop?
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