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ILLIONAIRE AMBITION Tour Rocks San Francisco + info for ILLIONAIRE AMBITION Pre-Party in New York

By LeJulie   Thursday, December 7, 2017   4,744   196   4



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ILLIONAIRE and AMBITION, two esteemed hip-hop crew in South Korea came together for their first ever co-headlining tour in the United States. Taking place in five cities throughout America, Illionaire Ambition is bringing out Dok2, The Quiett, Changmo, Hash Swan, and Keem HyoEunKick off the tour in San Francisco on November 30 at the Regency Grand Ballroom, this tour was brought to us by the Transparent Agency team members. 

The show started with Hash Swan who tried his best to connect with his fans despite the language barrier. He actually fumbled the mic at one point but managed to catch it just in time to sing the next line. But fans seemed encouraging and some even giggled at the clumsy moment.

Following after him was Keem HyoEun who wooed the fans with his powerfully deep voice. Again he showed his softer friendly side when he talked to the fans in Korean asking if we had fun to which the crowd roared with "yes!" For one of his songs, Changmo came out to join in which brought about a lot of cheers.By this point, no one was seated as everyone stood crowded by the stage to catch a glimpse of their favorite hip-hop artists in action. 

Changmo brought on a different feel from Hash Swan and Keem HyoEun. He went for a more charismatic "win your girl" feel where he pulled a rose out during his set making all the ladies in the crowd scream.

Then came veteran rapper (and one of my favorite producers) The Quiett with an exciting stage as expected of him. Throughout his performances, there were more conversations and interactions with the crowd in between songs. 

Finally, came Dok2 who was the first of the five artists to splash the fans with water in classic Korean Hip Hop fashion. His stages are always epic and he definitely lived up to the hype with an awesome performance.

At the very end, the five of them came together to give us an Illionaire Ambition collaboration vibe that shook the audience with all the charisma and power. Hash Swan was being super adorable running around with a small puppy plush and carrying Illionaire/Ambition banners while rapping. The artists ended with their famous YGGR that brought about lots of singing and cheers and it proved to be a great concert. 

They have two more dates for their concert at Center Stage in Atlanta on December 8 and at Highline Ballroom in New York on December 10.

For more info on these concerts, check out the Transparent Agency website.


NINE is proud to announce the Official Pre-Party for the ILLIONAIRE AMBITION US TOUR in New York at the brand new Green Lady Nightclub hosted by Dok 2, The Quiett, Keem Hyoeun, Hash Swan and Changmo.

Two of the most esteemed and recognizable crews in the South Korean hip-hop industry, ILLIONAIRE and AMBITION, will be making their way to New York on Sunday, December 10th for a SOLD OUT show at Highline Ballroom. 

DIDN'T GET TICKETS IN TIME? Don't worry as we will be hosting the Official Pre-Party and get the chance to meet and party with the entire ILLIONAIRE & AMBITION crew in person!

Official Pre-Party: Dec 9 11:00 pm - Dec 10 04:00 am

The Green Lady - Hotel 50 Bowery NYC, Bowery, New York, NY, United States

This event is 21+ with valid I.D.

$25 - Pre-Sale Tickets

$40 - General Door Admission

Get tickets at (no refunds all sales are final):


Stoli $300

Tito's $325

Ketel One $350

Jameson $350


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Additional photos from the San Francisco concert:

  1. The Quiett
  2. Dok2
  3. Changmo
  4. hash-swan
  5. Keem HyoEun
  6. illionaire




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