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[Drama Review] 'Revolutionary Love' - Episode 15

By beansss   Tuesday, December 5, 2017   5,078   516   1



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The second to last episode of tvN's 'Revolutionary Love' decided to bring out all of its actions scenes it's been saving up all in one, 60-minute run. 

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Despite Kwon Jae Hoon's (played by Gong Myung) heroic sacrifice after turning himself over to the police and handing his evidence files to Byun Hyuk (played by Super Junior's Siwon) in the last episode, things go nowhere. To save Jae Hoon's butt from prison, Director Seol gives up his place in the Gangsu group, turning over the files that Jae Hoon and the director have been working to collect for years to Byun Hyuk's father without any substantial results. 

When you get in a fight just to look cool.

Hyuk, Jae Hoon, and officer Jang Chul Min put together a new plan to tackle Gangsu group's hidden puppet company, BS. It's a constant cat and mouse chase between our protagonist team, and Hyuk's older brother and father. Just when we think Hyuk and Jae Hoon have a chance to sneak into president Byun's office to obtain the evidence they need, the entire setup backfires and president Byun catches them red handed. And then the situation backfires again, with officer Jang Chul Min showing up to "arrest" Hyuk and Jae Hoon and collecting the files they took from the president's office as "evidence" of the two men's crimes. It seems like the plot is well on its way to a good resolution for our main characters, as long as our all-so-important policeman does his job?

When you get in a fight just to look cool and fail because you got your a** kicked.

Our female heroine Baek Jun (played by Kang So Ra) still hasn't managed to step into the lime light at all by the end of episode 15. Now that she's quit her job at the Gangsu group, she virtually has no connections left to help her infiltrate the group and contribute to the job in any way. So then she just settles for barging in anyway, even though she's not an employee at the company and has no business there... Sure, it's in Jun's nature to not want to be left out of Hyuk and Jae Hoon's battles, but the ending of episode 15 strongly suggests that she's just going to get herself into trouble without being of any real help. What happened to the headstrong woman who was supposed to save both of the guys from their miserable lives? Where did she go?

Everyone knows it's the janitor ladies who REALLY kick a**. 

The predictable ending for the next and final episode will be for our heroes to finally bring down the Gangsu group for all of its dirty manipulative acts and tax evasion, for the Byun family to lose its fortunes and become normal-class, and for the Gangsu group to undergo some major changes to turn into a better, more efficient company which cares about its employees. In the romance area, the direction is still up in the air. Jun has her boys ready for picking in front of her, and she may choose Hyuk or she may choose Jae Hoon. Or she may not choose either. On that end, something open-ended might be a possible option for the next episode as well. 

Since the finale is just one episode away, rather than getting too analytical, I'll wait until episode 16 to see how the whole story comes to an end! Kudos to any of you who managed to stick around with 'Revolutionary Love' this far!

When you won the fight but you still feel like crap. 






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