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Korean government strengthens punishment on unleashed dogs following Siwon's controversy

The Korean government has strengthened dog leash laws following the controversy involving Siwon's dog. 

It was belated revealed the French Bulldog that bit Mrs. Kim (53) was Bugsy; the pet of Siwon's family. The idol star and his family delivered an apology, however, they're continuing to receive criticism while netizens also demand Bugsy to be put down. The controversy eventually shed light on the social issue of dogs in public. The immense attention ultimately led to a law reform, and the Korean government is now enforcing stronger punishment for unleashed dogs. 

From now on, a dog owner will be fined 200,000 KRW (177 USD) on the first offense of walking a dog in public without a leash. The fine will increase to 300,000 (265 USD) on the second offense and then 500,000 (442 USD) on the third. This is a drastic increase, near quadruple, from previous fines which was 50,000 KRW (44 USD) on the first offense, 70,000 KRW (62 USD) on the second offense, and 100,000 (88 USD) on the third offense.

Starting in March 2018, reward money for 'Dog Paparazzi' will also be officially implemented. 'Dog Paparazzi', or a passerby who reports dogs in public without a leash, will be rewarded 20% of the fines. The dog breeds listed as 'dangerous', or considered to be a type in need of extra control, will also expand and include more breeds than the current list of six. 

In addition, four new laws demanding longer sentence and higher fines for dog-related deaths has been submitted for review. 

The government hopes to use the controversy as an opportunity to strengthen and better the laws involving dogs. 

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