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GOT7 poke fun at one another's embarrassing moments, open up about their drinking habits, and more

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GOT7 chatted with Dingo Music for 'Type Talk'. 

The 7 members gathered around a computer to online chat with Dingo Music. After each member introduced themselves, Dingo teased JB by sending gifs of him providing sweet (but bit cringy) fan service. 

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Fellow members burst into laughter and teased JB, making the leader panic in embarrassment even more. Dingo continued teasing, this time, not only JB but all members of GOT7 with photos of them dressed up as girl group members. Mark was named the prettiest out of all. 

Next question was given to Yugeom. The maknae was asked, "When do you feel like the hyungs have gotten old?" In response, Yugeom mentioned Mark and typed, "I think Mark hyung. He sleeps a lot. No other reason." The maknae also talked about his habit of not wearing clothes in the dorms. 

Speaking of dorms, the GOT7 members revealed they often drink together in their dorms and the only time they've had drinks outside was at a wine bar. When asked who's the strongest drinker, Youngjae first revealed Jinyoung is the weakest by typing, "Jinyoung hyung is 'cheers' and then bye."

Youngjae continued explaining the drinking habits of the members, typing, "Mark hyung looks like he has to go outside as soon as his face turns red. Next, Jackson hyung, he gets the most excited, gets drunk the fastest then fall asleep." Mark added, "Jackson is this. He says he has to go use the phone and comes back in like 30 minutes." 

Youngjae talked about Yugeom next, and said, "Yugeom says he has to use the bathroom and he doesn't come back." As for BamBam, the members described him as being the picky one who needs the perfect lighting and setting in order to drink. Next, Youngjae described JB, and typed, "JB hyung's face is already a volcano when he says I'm not drunk." Ultimately, Youngjae is revealed to be the strongest drinker in GOT7.

The boys move on to talk about their new album '7 for 7'. You can watch GOT7's full chat with Dingo in the clip above. 

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