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Actor Seol Kyung Kyu apologizes for calling AOA's Seolhyun the Korean equivalent of 'dumb blonde'

AOA, Seolhyun
Actor Seol Kyung Kyuapologized for insulting Seolhyun.

During a press conference for their movie 'Memories of a Murderer', the actor said, "She has a 'baekchi' beauty. It's good for actresses to be 'baekchi'. I think it wil be memorable. I hope she does not lose her 'baekchi' beauty even when she's in her 30s and 40s." The term 'baekchi' is an insult used to describe someone stupid or idiotic, or someone who knows nothing. Saying that a woman has 'baekchi beauty' is the equivalent of insulting someone by calling them a 'dumb blonde' in English. (For reference, this is what Sunhwawas made fun of when she used to be on 'Invincible Youth'.)

Once his words hit the media, he was criticized harshly for insulting her straight to her face, and especially for saying that it was good for women to be so.

The actor issued a formal apology and said, "During yesterday's press conference, I sincerely apologizethat I used a phrase that was not fitting. I wanted to say in a good way that she was innocent and like a piece of white drawing paper, but I used the wrong expression due to my lacking thoughts. I apologized to Seolhyun, and I will apologize again officially during a media interview. I will also, in the future, be more careful in the words I use. Thank you for your concerns and I'll always keep learning for the things I'm lacking in. I'm sorry once again."
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