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Yoo Se Yoon's label issues official apology for using derogatory term at the 'SMTOWN Live'

By jennywill   Monday, July 10, 2017   20,975   777   0



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Yoo Se Yoon's label apologized for his actions at the 'SMTOWN Live'.

On the 10th, his label said, "We bow our heads in apology to the people who were disturbed by Yoo Se Yoon's words. At the time, Yoo Se Yoon was very hyped up because he was performing 'Itaewon Freedom' for the first time in a while. He wanted to make the mood even better and ad-libbed, and used a word he shouldn't have. He is deeply apologetic for not realizing that the word was a word you should use neither in public nor in private, and that it was a derogatory word. He will be more careful while talking, and he will become a TV personality that can be a model to everyone. We apologize once again to those who were disturbed."

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He and Muzi's team UV were guests at the 'SMTOWN Live' on the 8th for Shindong, as they had an SM STATION song together. After the duo performed "Marry Man" together, they also performed UV's hit "Itaewon Freedom". During his performance, he used a derogatory term for the disabled and had been harshly criticized.

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Sunnn Monday, July 10, 2017

I was on the fence before on whether he should apologize or not because of how loosely the word is used, but it is definitely good that he did because it did offend a lot of people and that's not good. It's best to just avoid things that'll stir up negative feedback like that from now on.

zedi Monday, July 10, 2017

As far as I know taeyeon said "fu@k" in her concert isn't that a "derogatory term"?Don't really know.

NORM zedi Monday, July 10, 2017

I think you are confusing derogatory with profanity. Derogatory is usually insulting to someone or sth e.g racist words, sexist words,etc Profanities usually curses or swear words, e.g F***, Sh*t, etc

zedi NORM Tuesday, July 11, 2017

thank you this clear things up but sang Big Sean - I Don't F*ck With You in Korea won't they flame me for it?

NORM zedi Tuesday, July 11, 2017

If korea was that worried abt swear words, they'd ban SMTM or most k-rappers who use korean swearwords. Its only a problem to use swear words on certain TV networks or certain audiences (mostly underage)

KingKangDaniel Monday, July 10, 2017

I had never heard Itaewon Freedom before. I really really like it. I'm listening to it right now, this song rocks

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