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EXID and others cancel appearance at 'US Army 2nd Division Founding 100 Year Anniversary' + Insooni and Crying Nut apologize for appearance

By jennywill   Sunday, June 11, 2017   95,177   2,554   0



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Many singers canceled and apologized for their appearance at the 'US Army 2nd Division Foundation 100 Year Anniversary Super Concert'.

Originally, EXID was scheduled to perform at the concert along with San E, Oh My Girl, Crying Nut, Sweet Sorrow, Insooni, and more. However, the actual citizens of Euijung-bu, where the division is located, suffered highly from the division being located there. The area is in high debt because plans to create a subway line fell apart, but spent millions anyway to hold the concert. The concert was free, meaning that they would not make it back from ticket sales.

Not only so, many citizens protested celebrating the US army division because June 14 is the 15th-year anniversary of two female middle school students Misun and Hyosoon from the area being crushed by a US tank. Not only so, many citizens protests soldiers from the division had committed countless crimes in the past (there are even songs about how the soldiers treated Korean citizens). 

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Following many requests not to appear, EXID (along with most others) ultimately decided not to come to the concert. Their label apologized and clarified that they had at first agreed to be at the concert, but after finding out what the concert was supposed to be celebrating, ultimately decided not to. Others such as Crying Nut and Insooni came to the concert but did not perform and instead apologized for appearing. 

The city said, "The performers did not come to the concert because of the flood of criticism related to a concert being held just days before the 15th year since the Misun-Hyosoon incident. We apologize to the citizens for the concert falling apart."

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elf5yrs Monday, June 12, 2017

S. Korea be careful what you wish for...

minzeliron Monday, June 12, 2017

As someone actively serving in the US military, it makes me sad seeing the comments from both sides, but I am also disappointed in both the misconduct of my fellow service members and the lack of forgiveness. I truly believe that something should be done to strengthen the relationship between the soldiers and the citizens of that area.

3percenter Monday, June 12, 2017

Fucking scum. First we liberate the weasels from the Japanese because they didn't have the balls to fight the Japanese themselves and collaborated in their own colonization. Then 38,000 Americans, many from the 2nd ID died to defend their little shithole country from Communist invasion. Since 1945 billions of US taxpayer dollars went into rebuilding South Korea and millions of Americans have served to defend these ingrates allowing them to focus on their economy and not the trillions they would have had to spend to defend themselves. Time to leave these filthy ingrates fucks to Kim Jong Un.

bangeryun94 3percenter Monday, June 12, 2017


Ashley_juarez 3percenter Tuesday, June 13, 2017


northstars Monday, June 12, 2017

I say the US should pull out of South Korea and we Americans will watch quietly as North Korea invades South Korea and takes away every freedom they have.South Koreans do not appreciate America, so why protect them?I say we abandon South Korea now!They do not appreciate our help.Enough is enough with this ungrateful country called South Korea!

bangeryun94 northstars Monday, June 12, 2017

How can North Korea invade anywhere? They don't have the resources to sustain an army in combat and China isn't interested in South Korea. So yes, why DON'T you?

Ashley_juarez northstars Tuesday, June 13, 2017

while your at it, also leave countless other counties where the us takes advantage of and abuses the natural resources bye

seochulgoo Monday, June 12, 2017

Okay but the US are not the center of the world. So many butthurts here... It's a stupid anniversary and it was cancelled. So what. Don't cry over it.

_Jarhon Monday, June 12, 2017

Gotta love hypocrisy. You're completely a-Ok for getting decades of protection against one of the biggest land armies in the world, but still wanna blacklist/boycott/demonstrate against the entire US army for actions of few or 15year old accidents. Yeah god forbid you would've actually held a concert with singing and music that would bring people closer together. Let's instead just focus on hating and blaming, that will solve EVERYTHING!.......(fucking human race)

RizalmieHisham Monday, June 12, 2017

its interesting to see that many country hate US Army set foot on their soil yet cried for help from US when their country in trouble. without US Army in South Korean, North Korea would think twice crossing the border.

pink_oracle RizalmieHisham Monday, June 12, 2017

That may well be but it still doesn't mean the burden does not exist. Two girls were horrifically killed, the area is in financial trouble and other crimes have been inflicted on the locals. You can't expect people to say, 'hey it's ok all the negativity that's been brought to our home because decades before I was even born the US military helped my country'. Only kids in the US are brought up to worship the US remember.

nina4 pink_oracle Monday, June 12, 2017

It's not worship, because I'm def not one to worship the US, it's fact. Of all Asian countries you are surrounded by, Not one came to your aid first in your war. The U.S. was first and principal in that war and has lost more soldiers fighting a war that was not our own, than any other war we have been in. Fighting Korea's war is why the U.S. was late into helping in WW2, where THOUSANDS of children were being horribly experimented on, sewn together, starved to death, being set on fire while alive, limbs and organs removed all with no anesthesia. Not only did we defend you but we rebuilt that country with our money because you had no funds nor any factories to rebuild yourself. If the U.S. did not come, your country would be an ENTIRE communist country. That is what you would have been born into. Is that a lesser negative? Keep in mind what the military does, your government has to allow it,... first. One person's disgusting, deplorable, ignorant action 15 years prior, I do believe negligent homicide charges against the two soldiers in the vehicle were filed, is not the current entire military. Unless no Korean has ever committed a murder in any other country, can you really get on a high horse and shake your finger. Crimes are afflicted everywhere by every race. Unless you feel there are no Korean has that committed crimes outside or in Korea? Because from what I understand you have a prison full of them right there in your country and there's a bunch over in the US too. There are some dumb assholes from every country. Ours is being highlighted because a few are in military. Currently, I do believe when an asshole is caught doing dumb shit(theft, drug charges, etc), the military doesn't hide him away and ship him back to the states for protection, right? They allow your justice system penalize him just like any other person that commits a crime Korea. The fact that town is in such ruin, shouldn't the people of that town been allowed to have this one good thing happen to them. Now I do believe that the amount of money that was being spent was absurdly ridiculous, but then again that's the issue of your government approving it, not the US military.

seochulgoo RizalmieHisham Monday, June 12, 2017

Not really.

RizalmieHisham pink_oracle Monday, June 12, 2017

lost of life is regretable yet how many korean and other race took another korean life on daily basis. guilty party should be punish regardless nationality. people like to find scapegoat for their suffering just like the germans who faulted the jews for their misery b4 and during WW2.

bangeryun94 nina4 Monday, June 12, 2017

WWII was 1939-1945. We meaning Korea were an occupied country by Japan. The KOREAN WAR was fought 1950-1952 with no peace accord received only an armistace. THAT war was started when rebels who were fighting the Japanese came home and wanted to have a country based on Communists principles. The US didn't want to give up prime real estate to spy on Russia so they chose a puppet for liberty and went to war. The district where the military base is located has one of the highest crime statistics in the country. The overwhelming percentage of crimes are committed by AMERICAN SOLDIERS. And that's today, not 15 years ago. When a military unit is stationed on allied soil, you do not treat the locals like they are criminals, you do not destroy their property because they didn't get out of your way quickly enough and you do not come back for revenge and commit arson if they report you. Again, we are allies, not an occupied country and if soldiers cannot respect what is not theirs and the people in the country, they don't need to be there. And if asking and begging for soldiers to respect the people and the country they're in and they refuse then a demand is necessary.

nina4 bangeryun94 Monday, June 12, 2017

You are correct I confused you with another country that is ungrateful for US help. But that's why no one came to your aid, everyone was drained, which included the US. The US did not initiate that war and the had to get approval for the board of the United Nations, so that theory doesn't make sense. Where exactly is the reliable source that states the US military makes up the majority of your crime? All Koreans are not the most welcoming of foreigners and that is a fact that everyone knows. I've seen myself, as well you know, that even if the Korean starts the confrontation the foreigner will bare the consequences. Maybe that where you get your percentage rate from. A person can only be pushed so much before they snap back. And that's when it's highlighted. Are you telling me Koreans don't go anywhere and break laws? When a country is insufficient in maintaining their own security, there will be a downfall having another country occupancy. Your military still uses US military equipment and your government pays them to be there. All land that each and every base consumes in Korea is considered American soil. Which is why no amount of protest or paper signing can remove them. Another reason your judicial system can not enter at will. So the fact they hand over anyone over, is to be taking as a sign of respect for your policy. The military did not build around neighborhood, you build around military bases. Should people come over acting a fool, absolutely not and it's embarrassing they do. But the amount that do is significantly small compared to the amount of military that is there. You look into the history of the US, you will learn they are known as bullies. How far do you think your demand will go with US military? You know it will go nowhere which is why you pick on english teachers? The US is ran like a corporation, for every one military you push to the point that pushes you back in to the ground and has to be sent back to the states, There will be two to three waiting in the states to take his place there. Maybe you should redirect your demand to your government, you might go further in that direction.

bangeryun94 nina4 Monday, June 12, 2017

I got my percentage rate from the police department. And your military just decided to move its BOP two weeks ago after contaminating the water and land so that it is not usuable WITHOUT INFORMING THE SOUTH KOREAN GOVERNMENT OR THE DISTRICT WHERE IT WAS MOVED. The US did not initiate the war? LMAO. They stepped in knowing they didn't stand a chance in hell and had already drawn up plans to divide the country just as the French had divided Vietnam. And how DARE YOU tell me that your soldiers should be honoured and basically worshipped and THEY are not the instigators? Our government is now demanding that you clean up after yourselves. And if that is offensive to your bloody sensibilities then perhaps you should leave. But hey thanks for admitting you are bullies.

bangeryun94 nina4 Monday, June 12, 2017

Oh and good job just deflecting from your comment that the US was late coming into WWII, you know Pearl Harbour and all those casualties, because they were protecting occupied Korea. Alternative facts, gotta love them.

nina4 bangeryun94 Monday, June 12, 2017

I'm sorry, where you in the military room when these decisions were made? because all I'm hearing is an angry little Korean with assumptions. The military has been building to move to Camp Humphreys since the beginning of last year, Sherlock. If I say foreigners bare the consequences regardless of who initiated it, what consequences would that be? Most people would have already thought police. It was a rhetorical question that clearly went over your head.. I have no problem stating the downside through history the US has had. That's why a person is suppose to learn their history to learn from the mistakes of others, so certain events will not happen again. It's people like you, whom feel your country doesn't have any down falls When everyone knows you have so many it's crippling. lol are you seriously pulling a ruling from last year. Do you know that America has never decontaminated any based they have left in Korea even after your country ruled that they do so? Your tax paying dollars do it, but yet your government keeps letting them move. I guess your government can use some of that demanding you keep wanting to throw out to the United States.

nina4 bangeryun94 Monday, June 12, 2017

I have no problem admitting when I was wrong. I knew we were over there before and after WW2 fighting one of you elitist countries. I'm sure your going to tell me what happened in that security meeting also. It's amusing you're one of few countries that can't defend itself, even though your superiority complex ridiculously high . Didn't Japan take you over and treated you all like shit? Did your Korean government get you out of that one? But I'm sure you feel you know what happen in that military meeting also. What's truly amusing is how you think you know so much. It's hard give weight to someone's opinion, who has superiority complex of a country and people that can't do wrong. But they live in a country where the average salary is low, the suicide rate is among the highest in the world, you already had a water issue BEFORE that happened, your unemployment rate is high but yet your government keeps flying foreigners there, half don't even have teaching degrees or are even prepared to teach a class, paying for housing, giving jobs, and medical, the abuse rate among women is high, your hospital conditions (really?), half the citizens that are there if they could get to the US and live, they would, and so on. So before you start wanting to tear down another country that's there protect your ass MAYBE you should work on the downfalls that are among your people before you try to demand something from someone else. Because the US is going to be there regardless. Just so you know I take this debate as a grain of salt. At the end of the day I'm a CRNA with a great relaxing life. I feel sorry for half the citizens for the life in the continual hamster wheel they live and the exorbitant fee for mediocre lifestyle. But Korea does has some beautiful sites and I am not going to take that fact away because I feel like I'me arguing with as ass. It's my woman's week that's the only reason you got me to debate and now me caring about this subject has ended. Because honestly it doesn't effect me. When I'm out there, I'm at a resort and none of this bs effects me. So I really don't care.

bangeryun94 nina4 Monday, June 12, 2017

That's absolutely rich! Were YOU in the war room? And good job editing your very informal and very incorrect history lesson. At the end of the day I'm a wealthy Korean giving every penny back to the country that bore and then rejected my parents. I've also just been granted permanent residence status in the US. You can be critical of something sweetie and still love it. I want the US military to treat Korean citizens and Korean land with dignity and respect. So please do fuck off in your happy lifestyle and leave the living to those that will. I'm betting you're not even old enough to drive yet. Just a little precocious teen that reads a lot because she has no friends. Bye now

bufallobiff bangeryun94 Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The U.S. left a toxic cesspool in the Philippines as well......

pink_oracle bangeryun94 Tuesday, June 13, 2017

I found your xmas present for Nina;

hiroonakamura Monday, June 12, 2017

the good news about this all is that the concert creators will get a bunch of money now from the artists who broke the contract and cancelled. So the area wont lose as much cash as if the concert had been held

SicaLicka Monday, June 12, 2017

just a question how come we don't see soldiers from other countries in the US but the US soldiers are in every other country?

BigBlueagain SicaLicka Monday, June 12, 2017

It's called imperialism. The corporations with interests in countries that do not have the military might to defend themselves from more powerful neighbors need someone to safeguard their investments in said country. So, the megacorps have been using the U.S. military as their own personal Guido. Then the continued prosperity of said small nations become dependant on that military presence to continue. And you don't see other militaries based in the U.S. because the megacorps don't need them here.

SicaLicka BigBlueagain Monday, June 12, 2017

OH!!!! that makes sense now i feel bad lol

3percenter SicaLicka Monday, June 12, 2017

Because ignorant idiot, the United States is the preeminent global superpower with alliances all over the globe. After winning WW2 and liberating ingrate shitholes like Korea, the Cold War induced countries that did not want to fall into the domination of the USSR and PRC to host US military forces.

bangeryun94 3percenter Monday, June 12, 2017

And basically because fucks like you would probably kill anyone that didn't look or think like you.

atlkpopfan Monday, June 12, 2017

1.  Why is a city already in steep debt spending millions to host a free concert? Why not just have a small dinner if the goal is to celebrate the anniversary of the military.2. Why did they choose to host this so close to the anniversary of those 2 girls dying?3. Regarding the crimes committed by the soldiers, that's a much deeper issue that I don't really have knowledge enough about to given an opinion on it.

scorpion atlkpopfan Monday, June 12, 2017

The thing is the actual anniversary is not until October 26, but the head of 2nd division changed the date since there will be a change of command as well as the troops will be transferred to a new location. So if the organizers were on their right mind, why out of all the dates, would they schedule them at that day.

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