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Black Pink party 'As If It's Your Last' in MV teaser

By jennywill   Monday, June 19, 2017   121,612   25,012   192



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Black Pink has dropped their MV teaser for "As If It's Your Last".

The girls party it up in their new MV teaser, and look gorgeous as usual. Fans get to hear a bit of how the song will sound like in the teaser, and the short clip just leaves viewers waiting for more.

Check out the teaser above. The girls will be releasing "As If It's Your Last" on the 22nd at 6PM KST.
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  2. as if its your last

kpoplolita Thursday, June 22, 2017

everyone here shitting but im here along with the other millions of fans enjoying the summery bop. Im so happy they put this out for summer and they will be back with 2 more songs for square 3. Ye the song has a lot goin on but it works in a sexy mess plus they look hella fooooin <3 the dance moves are cute sexy and strong i love it. U guys are free to dislike it but i am bopping along to this. Give it a few more listen. Jisoo said this is the PINK concept of BLACKPINK and i can see why. liek or not, they are getting the views and upvotes from many :)p.s. jisoo rose jennie and lisa slaying the lines <3

Jelly_May_Donut Wednesday, June 21, 2017


dawnazh Wednesday, June 21, 2017

you know what YG problem is ? both 2ne1 n blackpink's (and some of their other artists) MVs never really differentiate with each other (not between the artists, but between each artist' singles). cuz YG never really stick with 1 theme in every MVs. they're always throw lots and lots of swag stuffs in the mv, but thats it. yes it's cool and on point, from the visual perspective. but it's weak on the concept and innovation. makes them kinda repetitive. they should really work on that

soundxcrash dawnazh Wednesday, June 21, 2017

I see what u are getting at but i dont think its repetitive in terms of what they achieve what i mean by this is that yg makes it interesting that it always has symbolisim in the mv if u pay close attention alot of thought is put into the visuals some see it as colorful and just random objects but as someone that loves films and camera angles these types of angles and random object carry symbolisim now i dont mind if the work in the mv by colors and lighting depth is similar to me thats the least of imporant i look for the song arrangement and the way its sung. Yg has made it a concept to have fun music that meshes amd mixes with alot of generes that is really creative not man singers do that and are up for it and yg singers are shows there talent when sung live as well. They are willing to grow so far one group that has also began with meshing genres when they started was bts. I think thats what sets yg and its artist apart they are always up for evolving. They have touched Rock,hip pop, a little of reggae even and more alot of variety and they even try to change there style of singing which shows dedecation. Clothing wise the arist fit with yg on this they didn pick yg for a reason. I think the cars and the color in the mv is just to show ths is YG here trade mark that their there supporing there singers.

dawnazh soundxcrash Thursday, June 22, 2017

Never questioned YG's artists talent. They're always on top. I guess I always had a high expectation for YG, so yeah...kinda hoping they could deliver mv concept like red velvet. Always different concept, but still visually on point, and still with a red velvet trademark. Do you get what I mean ?

Helloblinky Tuesday, June 20, 2017

I need a new teaser right now

annaha0618 Tuesday, June 20, 2017

its kinda sad how some blinks don't respect 2ne1. ofc blackpink will always be compared to them bc 2ne1 came before them and they have been one of the most legendary girl groups. its sad to see some new 3rd generations fans bash 2nd generation groups. w/o 2ne1's influence on yg blackpink would probably be different than it is now. If blackpink are copycats, then literally every kpop group would be copycats of another artist out there. Why don't we just support everyone instead of hating??

kpoplolita annaha0618 Thursday, June 22, 2017

im more annoyed at the fact people comparing BP to 2ne1 dont even know 2ne1s colour. HOW THE HELL ARE THEY THE RECYCLED 2NE1? LMAO BP IS BP AND 2NE1 IS 2NE1. those comparing should only focus on how both groups are from yg and are 4 members. theres nothing else about them aside from their roles that is like 2ne1. Its non ans of both groups that should stop comparing when they barely listened to 2ne1 in the 1st place.

Fatimaaxo Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Lisa girlie snatch  that centre

Fatimaaxo Tuesday, June 20, 2017

CL's ass hasn't released her album yet it's been a good 2 years, Dara officially is living in the Philippines, and Bom's career is dead. 2NE1 is gone get over it.

kpoplolita Fatimaaxo Thursday, June 22, 2017

u didnt have to put it like that but yes THOSE ppl who are comparing both never even listened to 2ne1 and suddenly they think they are 2ne1 experts. LOL to the left deaf-os

jverstinix Tuesday, June 20, 2017

every1 who says they are 2ne1's copycat..thanks for the views.

Christal3 jverstinix Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Lmao they do kinda resemble 2ne1 tho, I still like Blackpink, but it's true. I don't mean it as a diss, but wasn't it YG himself who labeled them as the next 2ne1? I think it's just YG style in general. I think Winner and Ikon resemble Big Bang a bit too, Bling Bling by Ikon reminds me a lot of Bang Bang by Big Bang, but I don't mean any of these things disrespectfully. It's only natural the younger generations resemble the old. Still a fan of all of them!

kpoplolita Christal3 Thursday, June 22, 2017

no technically when yg uploaded "future 2ne1" it has NONE of the blackpink members init. balcpink has covered this topic and yg too a a billion times since their debut. they know they have expectations but they cant not avoid those Qs. YG NEVER said blackpink is 2ne1, he said blackpink are from the same company working with similar producers but they will do their best to stand out as blackpink. blackpink are doing their thing and after all 5 releases i can safely say even as a BJ of 7+ yrs, BP IS NOTHING LIKE 2NE1 ASIDE FORM 4 MEMBERS WITH SIMILAR ROLES AND AURA YET DISTINCT ENOUGH WITH THEIR OWN PERSONALITIES + SAM CO/PRODUCERS. bp are more pretty girlcrushy, 2ne1 were ust straight up punchuintheface fierce and sassy. i love both and ppl need to stop comapring when the sound of both groups + colour is different.

Christal3 kpoplolita Thursday, June 22, 2017

I said "wasn't" meaning I wasn't sure and I respect how you feel. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion.

steveleeyg Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Holy shit this sounds epic

kpoplolita steveleeyg Thursday, June 22, 2017

thaaank uu it needs a few listens lol

LookingForFun Tuesday, June 20, 2017

For 20s teaser, they already use some stuff (instrument) when it come to edm scene we never use that since 2005. Trust me, its already old. Kinda disappointed.

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