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[MV & Album Review] GOT7 - 'FLIGHT LOG: ARRIVAL / Never Ever'

By AllK_Maknae   Sunday, March 19, 2017   59,548   9,842   0



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Prepare to scream and shout and let it all out as the beloved boys of K-Pop are back! GOT7 dropped their latest track "Never Ever" off of their album 'FLIGHT LOG: ARRIVAL' and are ruling the skies as well as the K-Pop scene.

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"Never Ever" is a romantic song (despite that sick beat making you think otherwise) that portrays a guys' confusing but raw feelings towards starting a relationship. 

With lyrics like "You waited so long, I'm so sorry. Now I made up my mind, are you ready?" and "It has started, our romance. You're ready and I'm ready. There's no need to be afraid, no need to hesitate, Let's go up up, our love," it is easy to see the boys are ready to drop the games and start to commit. Check out the MV below! 

While the lyrics are sentimental, the instrumental is distinct with a lot of individual characteristics. It seems GOT7, like most groups today, are following the trending footsteps of creating zany instrumentals that have a quirky influence of trap and club beats all fused into one. "Never Ever" is loud, obnoxious and all over the place but it somehow comes together to create an enjoyable track. Perhaps it is due to the catchy lyrics and the boys vocals?

The refrain is catchy and fun in a simple way. There is just something addicting about shouting "Never, ever" as loud as you can with them that gives the song a catchy quality. The vocals are also clean, nice and charming - as they usually sing in most of their songs. However, I will say Jackson's vocals sound a bit try-hard this time around as he really deepens and emulates voices that are deemed as "a rapper's voice."

The MV isn't anything out of the ordinary as the boys simple showcase their intricate dance routines and flawless beauty in a lot of slow motion frames. As expected, the visuals are expensive and thought-provoking as the boys can be seen encased in water capsules, a car filled with flowers sinking into the ocean and then lying on an operating table towards the end. Does it match the story? No. Is it still interesting, somehow, yes. Sadly it doesn't add up well with the lyrics and that feels like a missed opportunity.

The 'FLIGHT LOG: ARRIVAL' album continues to impress as it follows up with "Shopping Mall." The upbeat track is uplifting and energetic as the boys rap along to the fine beat. The instrumental is really addictive and makes this song easy to fall in love with. 

However, "Shopping Mall" isn't any different and panders to today's trends in many aspects and I find it rather ridiculous that they are comparing someone they are feeling to the likelihood of a shopping mall. This track is a real hit or miss.

Soon after comes the energetic track "Paradise." Like the other songs, it contains a very funky beat but this time with some tribal influence. The rapping is enhanced by this lively beat and the song offers a lot more of a drum-line instrumental in comparison to the others. The boys vocals are a bit deeper and smooth which showcases something a little more different.

"Sign" is another synthetic track with a charming sound. This time, the main vocalists stand out more than the rapping, which is refreshing after a majority of rap tracks from the beginning. "Sign" has a steady pace which makes the track easier on the ears and offers some stability after the more chaotic tracks. This track's mellow, mid-tempo instrumental is easily more enjoyable and less obnoxious.

After the moment of relaxation from "Sign," the album suddenly pumps things up again with "Go Higher." Like being in a Zumba class, this track is the energizer that picks the pace up again. Like before, there is a lot of rapping, echoing auto-tuned instrumentals, and more deep rapping from Jackson. "Go Higher" is entertaining but nothing special from the rest.

Finally, something calming and more joyous! "Q" is a charming, delicate track that really highlights the boy's sweet vocals. While I enjoy the fun and fierce rapping and trap-influenced songs, variety is nice and needed. GOT7 have a talented set of vocals that are effortlessly shown through "Q's" sweet melody and lyrics. The song is a delightful addition to the album that no one can hate.

Things get a little more moody as GOT7 drop a bomb with "Don't Care." The song, like the rest of the album, has a major trap-influence but isn't as similar as the rest. The instrumental is very synthetic but mystifying as it echos in and out alongside the boys slow-paced vocals. "Don't Care" is less about noise and more about the vocals and lyrics, which makes the song more appealing and less disorganized. Because this song has limited distractions and is more centered on the vocals "Don't Care" becomes a real quality piece on the album.

Sadly, the ''FLIGHT LOG: ARRIVAL' album comes to an end and not in a good way. "OUT" is another zany track with a random beat and noisy backtrack. Unfortunately, the boys appear a bit try-hard in this track too and the song lacks anything really appealing. Most albums end with a nice relaxing ballad, but the boys keep the partying going. However, "OUT" is messy and an unsatisfying way to end the album.

Overall, The album keeps a lot of uniformity in regards to sound and instrumental. The boys really dug deep into the rap genre with their various trap and hip hop tracks. Although the album showcased some variety (and quite sparingly), there wasn't much that would suit many listener's tastes.

The concept is quite specific and caters to the trends rather than crafting anything original or different. Fortunately, the title track "Never Ever" is still addicting and the few additional tracks that showcased their vocals on the 'FLIGHT LOG: ARRIVAL' album helped GOT7 score higher in the end.


MV Relevance..........6

MV Production.........7

MV Concept.............7

Album Production....7

Album Concept........7



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jypnloves Wednesday, March 22, 2017

i haven't listen to the sidetrack i haven't pick my fav yet...

Skyepop Monday, March 20, 2017

The only part of this I agree with is that Shopping Mall is musical marmite. And im not on the good side..

Lily_Gyu Monday, March 20, 2017

Me too !! even though i liked all of the tracks in their previous albums :/

myanaconda Monday, March 20, 2017

fantasticlau Monday, March 20, 2017

6.7 what? This is their best one yet though. Man I don't understand your taste. This gets a 8/10 from me (no it isn't a 10 I'm not biased but 8 is a pretty good score too)

Santaclawz Monday, March 20, 2017

Sometimes i feel like fans think that almost every release from their fave should be a 10/10. Just saying.

Looolgolol Santaclawz Monday, March 20, 2017

nah at least do your homework if you're gonna review an album I mean I don't even keep ip with got7 but even I know at least the genre they were going with this comeback I mean that's basic knowledge.

Got7ever Santaclawz Monday, March 20, 2017

i think youre misunderstanding why fans are upset though.. allkpop did not do their research on how the scenes relate

Santaclawz Got7ever Monday, March 20, 2017

My bad. I just felt like people complained on every single one of their album reviews if it wasn't a 10. But my bad, i can understand the anger.

gabbywentz Monday, March 20, 2017

I really hope you guys get what's coming to you. You obviously don't know a thing about music or writing reviews. It's disgusting to see your biased and unnecessary opinion added in when this is supposed to a be a review about the lyrics and composition of each track rather than your personal opinion. You guys love sucking up to bigger and popular artists, but when it comes down to an artist that can compose and write songs WELL, you shit on them. It's obvious you did no research before writing, otherwise you would have seen that the music video is a tie to the other two from the Flight Log trilogy. These artists put a shit ton of effort and time into their work. I don't understand why I bothered reading this review, I knew beforehand that it was a going to be another garbage article from you guys.

midnightbee Monday, March 20, 2017

I don't understand when people complain about Jackson's voice. He sounds like that every time he raps and when he sings. He is comfortable in that way to express his voice. I always thought his voice is really made for rap. Anyway, I really really like 'OUT' and 'paradise'. LOL I don't need you to justify the songs... I think nowadays, everyone seems to think they are a music expert. It's just either you like it or not, why do you have to write such long content that contained no value other than you didn't like the songs.

keelee95 Monday, March 20, 2017

ok 6.7 is bordering acceptable since got7's title track was pretty lackluster u must admit (esp compared to just right and if you do) BUT that doesnt mean your reviews arent utter trash. im still salty about you giving DAY6 a 7... and also the low score for their masterpiece of an album Daydream (which i must add was rated by critics of Billboard as the 2nd best kpop album of 2016). You CLEARLY shouldnt be writing these reviews if you cant even appreciate talent... Twice gets a 9 for acting cute and being puppets for their company when a self-composing group like DAY6 who are wellknown for their talent in writing music gets a 7?!?!? like excuse me they worked freaking hard to write ALL their songs. how dare you disregard their hard work like that im so pissed.Just stop with the reviews if ur not gonna get someone who knows what theyre talking about to do them. FFS allkpop im so done with your shit

Girin18 keelee95 Monday, March 20, 2017

Twice gets a 9 for acting cute and being puppets for their company when a self-composing group like DAY6 who are wellknown for their talent in writing music gets a 7?? 👍

rushdinx Monday, March 20, 2017

Going forward, please write professional and impartial reviews for all artists, regardless of your own biases and preferences. Be respectful and constructive! from @geli_ying not me, just wanted to share other people comments on this. (hire better writers okay.)

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