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Netizens complain about TWICE Nayeon's behavior toward fans and other members

With their rising fame and popularity, TWICE is under a lot of scrutiny in Korea! Nayeon is under fire for her behavior and, apparently, her facial expression when looking at her fans.

On several Korean online communities, people are raising questions about Nayeon's frowning facial expression when looking at fans. Here are some of the photos:

The last photo above as a testimony from someone who was supposedly present when the picture was taken.

"The person who is wearing a hat is a fan, and she only shook hands with Nayeon but talked with Tzuyu for a long time, and Nayeon made that face."

Along with the complaints about her facial expressions, some people are posting about Nayeon's behavior toward TWICE members as problematic.

Some claim that Nayeon is seem being mean toward certain members...

...and glaring at members...

...then glaring at Sana...?

...and being inconsiderate to Sana who was wearing a short skirt by removing the blanket too quickly...

...apparently she pushes members she doesn't like...

...and prefers certain members over others.

However, many netizens are also defending Nayeon, providing evidence to counter-argue the supposed evidence for her bad personality.

Nayeon can be seem being friendly with Mina, right after the GIF that supposedly prove her excluding Mina...

...and before the 'Nayeon glaring at Sana' GIF, the two were seen goofing around with banana phones.

Many people are upset that the GIFs and photos are taken out of context, so say that Nayeon is friendly with all members.

What are your thoughts on this debate? Does Nayeon actually have any issues she needs to fix or are netizens being too dramatic?

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