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[Album & MV Review] ASTRO - 'Summer Vibes'

By eric_r_wirsing   Monday, July 18, 2016   10,814   1,970   6



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1. Fireworks
2. Breathless
3. Growing Pains
4. Polaris
5. My Style
6. Breathless (Acoustic ver.)

After getting you to 'Spring Up' with their debut in February, ASTRO is back to give you those 'Summer Vibes.' Their summer comeback gives you 6 brand new tracks. So kick back, tip back that iced tea, and let's take this for a spin!

"Breathless" is the title track, and this song jumps right out at you. It sounds more energetic than "Hide and Go Seek" and gives you that chin-bobbing pleasure that good dance pop is supposed to provide. It's very hooky and catchy. Jijin and Rocky's raps add a lot of urban goodness to the tune. It didn't leave me breathless, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. The acoustic remix has everything I love about this tune, so it's worth checking out too.

"My Style" is the standout track with an ominous melody and storm sounds. It stands dark and defiant against the cheery and upbeat tone of the rest of the EP. That might make it even better as it took me by surprise. It certainly doesn't drag -- this tune is more about anger than sadness. The raps in here sounded particular angry, and even the harmonies are more direct and ooze frustration -- it's obvious they've been wronged here. Love this song!

The lead song is "Fireworks," which has a sweet structure. It reminds me of nothing so much as a 1D song, but goes a little deeper than that. I like the way the harmonies come storming in, when all the boys combine their voices. There's some great rapping in here, and these elements save the somewhat weak chorus.

The other songs on this disc are not as dynamic as the rest. There are flourishes which are fun, but not enough to rescue them from the absolutely average category. They're about what we've come to expect. Which is not bad, but not good, either. Still, the songs I talk about are totally my jams for totally different reasons. And that, to me, is a very good thing.


The boys wake up at the beach in a pile, but when a girl shows up who is thirsty, that's when the strangeness begins. They appear as orange soda bottles to her. When she puts them in her cooler, it's actually the boys from ASTRO who are tossed to and fro inside as she waves her cooler around. Similar hilarity happens as they're hanging in a net or cooling their heels inside a fridge, their outfits changing colors to match the drink.

If you have to put them in a box, do this. The dancing is not bad, what we see of it. At least they don't cut away when something cool is about to happen. Not grabbing themselves is also a plus.

I raved about their last video, and this one is no less madcap and funny. Did they spend a lot of money? No. But they used every won to great effect. This is wild and funny at the same time, and they seem to like what they're doing.

Put this one on my 'A' list.


MV Relevance..........9
MV Production.........9
MV Concept.............9

Album Production...8
Album Concept........8


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17caratarohas Tuesday, July 26, 2016

summer vibes is one of my most favorite albums...I LOVE IT SOO MUCH

sototallyrandom Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Tbh Fireworks reminded me more of something Taeyeon-esque than that of 1D's :D This second album meets expectations (hmm nothing more and nothing less for me :/) but I have to say they're developing their identity reaaally well. :)

iisstf28 Monday, July 18, 2016

I'm glad the review was positive!! Astro is my favorite rookie group right now, they have alot of potencial and talent!

shannnnt Monday, July 18, 2016

YAYYYYY I'M GLAD. :)))))))

hanahiru Monday, July 18, 2016

Yay! I'm happy they got such a positive review. Their cuteness is refreshing and I'm happy whenever they get recognition

MayMarla Monday, July 18, 2016

#5 is also my fave track on Astro's Summer Vibes album

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