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TWICE relay the emotional story of how they discovered their win on the charts

By jubilantj   Monday, April 25, 2016   55,116   14,505   60



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TWICE's showcase for their second mini album 'Page Two' took place at Seoul's Yes24 Live Hall on April 25. 

During the showcase, Chaeyoung relayed the emotional story of how the members discovered that their new song placed first on all the charts. She was about to retire to bed early when a sudden outburst directed her and the other members to the same room. The source of the noise was from none other than Jungyeon, who, teary-eyed, told everyone, "We placed first. I can't believe we placed first." 


Nayeon added, "Seeing Jungyeon choked up, we hugged and told each other how unbelievable it was. It was a very emotional night." 

When asked to give their thoughts on placing first on the charts, Jihyo said, "Thank you for all the love. We didn't expect it. We thought that we should work harder as a way to give back. The MV includes individual concepts and we're like to perform wearing those individual concept outfits." 

Congrats girls, you deserve the success!

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Exo_Leia Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Aww how cute, I hope they keep doing well

aldrin_m Tuesday, April 26, 2016

CANT WAIT TO SEE TWICE ON LARA CROFT (momo) AND HANBOK (dahyun) XD (maybe tzuyu's outfit also :)

rrodriguez0309 Tuesday, April 26, 2016

ONCE we are so close to a Certified AK and a PA! let's hope for the best!

TeamTwice Tuesday, April 26, 2016

i think there not just for visuals ... they have more charisma and distinct talents specially Jihyo (main vocal) and Jungyeon i love there voice ... <3 keep on rising TWICE!!

sonertimotei Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Did Twice get their first win through visual and popularity? cause i cant find a comment that praise their singing skills, until now i still have no idea who is the main vocal.Their music career will surely go down in the future if its like this. Sad to see potential singers are over shadow by the Twice popularity.

JrJB Tuesday, April 26, 2016

FROM KPOP CONFESSION Dont worry guys! IM SUPER SURE Twice won #1 at music show soon because JYP regret think that TWICE is enough by theirself and just with media play in early debut Twice could win #1 with their debut song like how WG and MissA before . but JYP wronged that Twice only nominated and unfortunately not won #1. Means, they are not great at all plus with GFRIEND fandom whose not just being call fans but makes the things out become real as fan to support their idol unlike mostly ONCEs only said they are fans of TWICE but they did nothing at all and just 'YAY' for their achievement (that made by JYP too). ONCEs also dont know any achievement that could be manipulated by their label company too . some of them just dumbed and its funny how they proud so much about that lol they dont know to difference the real achievement between made achievement . So, this comeback JYP will makes sure Twice won cause JYP always cares and do 'ALL OUT' for their Girl group not like Boy group they just leave them be with usual promotion like other artist with no money for them to spend at boy group at all . Thats why, ppl always wouldnt suspicious at JYP management because their boy group not involve with media play and of course no saejaegi . Until remember how Taecyeon said he asked JYP to do sajaegi for them too but of course JYP said no .they will just leave boy group with their own fandom makes it things happen . Also, who knows JYP will make TWICE won something like Song of the Year or Artist of the year maybe for this time like they did for Miss A before isnt it at MAMA earlier than GOT7 haha do you think JYPE become Top3 without doing anything ?? LOL you can see how FNC tried so hard to be TOP3 with their endlessly media play,sajaegi controversy of AOA  and much more but they still couldnt be called in TOP3 yet. Just imagine how TOP3 company doing things . how you think people recognize 2NE1 debut song at first I SAID DEBUT SONG WHICH BEFORE THIS NOBODY KNOW THEM if not from YG make 2NE1 debut song at the ranking chart first then only people know its really good and public will continue support 2NE1's song. So, dont make like your groups and their company is really innocent especially come from the Big Company. They are called big company because one of the reason is they had a lot of money to spend and promote their group. Wanna believe or not its up to you guys. I just dissatisfied with JYP that treat their girl and boy group differently but ppl makes JYP really innocent and so on LMAO (FROM KPOP CONFESSION)

rrodriguez0309 Monday, April 25, 2016

they got an ALLKILL 2 hours within their release and still have an Allkill on the charts hoping for a certified allkill or even a PAK. good luck ladies..i'm so proud of being a once. if not for TWICE GOT7 or BTS i would of been out of any kpop fandom by now. so happy i'm still here!

RimmieMeli Monday, April 25, 2016

So proud of them

AndyM Monday, April 25, 2016

I'm excited about their live promotions and the outfits. Can't wait

hallyu_fan Monday, April 25, 2016

Somehow I can imagine it. Anyway, yes please for the individual concept outfit XD I can't wait for Momo, Mina, and Tzuyu concept. I kinda wish everyone have the chance to perform in each other outfits though. Their appearances must be crazy if they wear those three concept. I nearly got heart attack when I watch Momo, Jungyeon, and Jihyo scene in Momo's concept part. They're so hot *nosebleed

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