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AOA fans demand 'Produce 101' girl group to change their team name


AOA fans are not happy about the official team name of Mnet 'Produce 101's new girl group.

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Recently, it was officially announced that the final 11 contestants of 'Produce 101' would debut under the team name 'IOI', so named because the three letters resemble the latter half of show's title.

However, fans couldn't help but notice that 'IOI' does sound a little bit too similar to... AOA. 

Many unhappy AOA fans have expressed their discontentment, commenting, "Some people call AOA 'ah-oh-ah' already, so that's basically the same thing. Produce 101 needs to change their name", "Just go by number 101..Why IOI", "Honestly it's too similar. It automatically reminds me of AOA", and more. 

Even regular netizens, who aren't fans of AOA, spoke up with, "IOI is just bad. Change it", "There are so many different names you can go with! IOI is stupid"," Do you have to make it look like the numbers 101? Come on.. there are better names out there", etc.

Do you think 'Produce 101's new girl group should really consider using a different team name? 

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