Posted by Susan-Han Friday, March 4, 2016

Label director and staff member arrested for aiding prostitution deals of female celebrities in the United States


On March 4, Seoul Police Department's International Crime Investigation unit arrested an entertainment label director(Mr.Kang)and staff member(Mr. Park)for instigating illegal prostitution of female celebrities.

The investigators have also pressed charges on 4 alleged female prostitutes, 2 prostitution buyers (johns), and 3 brokers who worked under Mr. Kang.

Mr. Kang and Mr. Park have been charged with instigating the prostitution of a famous female celebrity identified asB(29 years old)and three other females by receiving 13,000,000 - 35,000,000 KR?(approximately $10,848 - $29,208) per session from a wealthy businessmanA(45 years old)for a total of three sessions at a hotel in Los Angeles.

The investigators reported that female celebrity B was"a celebrity anyone would immediately know if her name was mentioned", and that the other 3 females were celebrity hopefuls or minor actresses.

Businessman A, a current United States citizen, allegedly paid 35,000,000 KR? ($29,208) for female celebrity B to fly over to Los Angeles for sex in April of 2015. Mr. Kang is said to have handed female celebrity B with a portion of money and kept the rest for himself.

Mr. Kang was also revealed to have instigated another account of illegal prostitution of a female celebrity by receiving 15,000,000 KR? ($10,848) from a Seoul stock investorC(43 years old).

According to investigators, Mr. Kang has been allegedly taking advantage of celebrities who are having financial difficulties by offering them high pay for prostitution. Mr. Kang may be responsible for multiple accounts of illegal prostitution of female celebrities both in Korea and internationally.

With news of such an alarming arrest, many netizens have speculated given the evidence that the"celebrity anyone would know if their name was mentioned"could possibly refer to solo artistG.NAwho recently parted ways with Cube Entertainment. While some netizens are skeptical of the claims, others are flocking to her Instagram and leaving encouraging messages, such as "Stay strong".

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