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Kim So Eun responds to flood of requests for her to leave 'We Got Married' after dating rumor with Son Ho Joon

By alim17   Monday, February 9, 2015   267,103   26,160   204



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Recently, a dating scandal broke out between actors Son Ho Joon and Kim So Eun, both of whom later denied that they were seeing each other.  This, however, did not stop netizens from flooding the internet to demand her removal from variety show 'We Got Married' in which she is currently coupled up with Song Jae Rim.  

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The forum for viewers of 'We Got Married' was reported to be flooding with requests for Kim So Eun's departure from the show on the basis that no matter the fictional nature of their marriage, it was "inappropriate" for a participant to be involved in a dating scandal.

In response to this hot interest, Kim So Eun's side said, "We were already aware of the duty and responsibility we must hold while appearing in 'We Got Married,' so it seems that by being extra careful when meeting [Son Ho Joon], she actually ended up creating cause for misunderstanding."

The production team for 'We Got Married' said, "We've confirmed that Kim So Eun and Son Ho Joon are not dating.  She will not be leaving the show."

Do you think she should leave the show or be allowed to stay?

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KaiTaeSoo Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Why is it that she doesn't have to leave when Oh Yeon Seo need to... I'm not hating on Kim So Eun just that I felt unfair for Oh Yeon Seo ):

But then again, I will never want Kim So Eun to leave! They are why I want to continue to watch WGM!

Whateverhappensx Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Because Oh Yeon Seo was seen holding hands while Kim So Eun was seen WALKING. And why isn't there as much heat with Jonghyun and Nana? The cases are identical, yet everyone hates the woman,

KaiTaeSoo Thursday, February 26, 2015

@Whateverhappensx I went to google about it but handing hands didn't came up on news or photos but I did see them 'hugging' eachother but that's because she tripped and Jang Woo helped her. I was really pissed off too. Why are women always the commotion when men are the same. Like their case were so identical, yet no one request Jong Hyun to leave the show but expect So Eun to leave.

Whateverhappensx Thursday, February 26, 2015

@KaiTaeSoo Yeah, it just shows that in the real world when a man has an affair, it isn't as scandalous as when a woman has an affair. This isn't even a real marriage :P

acutebunny Sunday, March 1, 2015

@KaiTaeSoo How can you say the cases were identical? There were only gossips in JH's case, no proof at all, and in Soeun's case there were photos. And based on those photos, each person believed what (s)he wanted to believe: some thought they are just friends, others said that the photos incriminate her. It's simple as that.

KaiTaeSoo Wednesday, March 4, 2015

@acutebunny In JH case there's witness.

acutebunny Thursday, March 5, 2015

@KaiTaeSoo Since when witness = the ultimate holder of truth? And what (s)he actually witnessed? They being with more friends? It isn't even a slightly possibility that the witness may misinterpreted what (s)he thinks (s)he saw? And why isn't any pics? Because it may clarify their status of being just friends and there will be no story to "sell" to the public?

KaiTaeSoo Thursday, March 5, 2015

@acutebunny The reason is because the 'Witness' is a friend of theirs. I don't know which this friend belongs to Jonghyun or the other girl, but is it their friend. Therefore no photo has been released. In fact, why make a fuss over problems like this? Look, koreans likes skinship and they are really touchy, not to mention, Idols or even actors/actress. Skinship is a form of friendliness. I don't get why are people making rumor/scandal just because of skinship. Besides, except for the part in JongHyun's case there is no photo and Soeun's has, the incident are identical. I'm not a hater of Jonghyun, in fact I liked him. I started liking him since he was in Vampire Idol. What was the reason I posted my comment? I said why is it that OH YEON SEO have to leave but So Eun's doesn't have to. In my post, there were no mentions of JongHyun. Because others feel that SoEun and JongHyun's case are identical yet treated differently, they/we are feeling unfair. Men and Women are always treated differently. And in the entertainment industry? Women are treated so badly as compared to the Men. And by saying Identical, it does not mean that both JH and SE cases are the same. It's just identical. You only said in JH's case it's gossip and SE case there's photo proof. And this is why I said it's identical. Yet you are making fuss over it.

acutebunny Friday, March 6, 2015

@KaiTaeSoo I'm not making a fuss, maybe I'm just a little frustrated that people take things as they are displayed, and don't pass the through their own filter. You said that the cases are identical, so my initial question was strictly about that and not about Korean culture, skinship or double standard. You admitted that in JongHyun's case there is no photo and Soeun's it is, which makes the 2 cases different, therefor they can not be identical. "Identical" is defined as "similar in every detail; exactly alike, the same", so you contradict yourself. About witness: A witness is someone who has, or claims to have, or is thought to have knowledge relevant to an event. (S)he can be subjective, may misunderstand, may mislead. That's why in a lawsuit the witnesses usually swear on bible, to tell the truth (because thye may lie). And if it was a friend, it would be presented as an "insider", and not "witness". And it's known that JH is reserved person (he's not called the impenetrable guy for no reason), therefor having few friends, but real ones. The typeof friends that wouldn't tell your secrets. About skinship: Korean culture is a conservative culture, and although same-sex touching is the most normal thing in the world, the opposite sex touching (even with the intention of being friendly) is considered sexual in public. To make it simple: JH had a rumor, Soeun had a scandal. People believe what they want to believe, despite the given arguments. But to say the cases are identical is false, and you know it.

ronc137 Tuesday, February 17, 2015

All parties (Kim So Eun, Son Ho Jun, WGM) said the two are NOT dating. Netizens should back off. Netizens are being overzealous. Like with the T-Ara scandal. Overreacting to non-existent evidence.

SungSiKyungOppa Saturday, February 14, 2015

Whatever, KSE reps. The LTE/SoLim Couple ship will continue to drift on the breeze~

mia_aoki Friday, February 13, 2015

Ppl just forget about what variety and real life is.... Sigh...

bluechick10 Thursday, February 12, 2015

I am so pissed with these netizens people, I mean like HELLO!!, you didn't ask hong jong hyun to leave, so why the heck would you ask her to leave! They're my favorite couple and it would totally annoy me if she leaves just because of this. SOOO irritating! ;

acutebunny Thursday, February 19, 2015

Their cases are so different because: 1. In JH's case, there was only a rumor. In Soeun's case, it has passed the "rumor" phase, becoming a scandal. 2. JH & Nana rumor was not backed up with pictures, like Soeun's. 3. JH & Nana's agencies both denied the rumors. In Soeun's case, the statements kept changing. Son Ho Joon's agency (the allegedly bf) said that there is "a positive feeling towards her, though not dating", later changed into "a close oppa-dongsaeng relationship". 4. JH was flying from Singapore, so they release the statement after he landed & managed to contact him. In Soeun's case, they denied the rumor pretty late, despite her being in Seoul the whole time, making it suspicious for many. 5. Soeun's visit to his house at 2 am. (not judging) 6. Soeun's SINA interview, stating that she and Jae Rim will definitely not date.

bluechick10 Thursday, February 19, 2015

@acutebunny I know, that there have been delays and changes on the statements based on Soeun's scandal, but, to think of it, on JH and Nana's case, there is a "witness" or a "friend" (they say) that have seen their relationship, in which I think is somewhat the same thing as Soeun's picture.Also, I don't really care if they date in real life, it's just that, they are soo funny in the show, and even though they are "acting", then it just means they're really good actors, they're fun to watch, and I don't want them to stop this early, they just started. I don't want thesame thing to happend to them like what happened to SY and LJ.

acutebunny Friday, February 20, 2015

@bluechick10 No, it's not the same thing. There is a saying „A picture is worth a thousand words", and here is no different. In JH's case is only „he said/ she said", so there is no solid proof. If there was a witness, it means it wasn't a friend, so why didn't he take a picture, to make his words believable? And if it was a friend, what kind of friend „sells" you? If it was true, why didn't they assume their words? Why did they remain hidden/ anonymous? That's why in a lawsuit, the witnesses may lie, so they usually swear on bible, to tell the truth. Let's make a scenario: someone spreads a rumor about you, and you denied. But there is a "witness" or a "friend", saying the rumor is true, and you wouldn't be believed. How it would be for you? And I really understand you, who would want their bias to leave the show? Let's just hope that the storm has passed, and they'll continue to be lovey-dovey on WGM. Sorim fighting!

Kookiekook Thursday, February 12, 2015

Just cancel the program.

rogue_summers Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I think she would do what she wants. It's her life if she stays on wgm that's her choice as well as if she leaves.

aznxxazn Wednesday, February 11, 2015

i think people are too serious about this. i like this couple so it would be very sad for this couple to leave. ;

askywalker Tuesday, February 10, 2015

how come netizens didn't do the same for jonghyun? ;

not that his rumor with nana was legit, but still. ;

hanbinkim Tuesday, February 10, 2015

so far jonhyun and nana not be found in 2 am together after drink together. just read on netizenbuzz and ho joon side kinda said that something happens w/ the two.

acutebunny Thursday, February 19, 2015

Because: In Soeun's case, it has passed the "rumor" phase, becoming a scandal. JH rumor was not backed up with pictures, likr Soeun's. In Soeun's case, the statements kept changing. Son Ho Joon's agency (the allegedly bf) said that there is "a positive feeling towards her, though not dating", later changed into "a close oppa-dongsaeng" relationship. In Soeun's case, they denied the rumor pretty late, despite her being in Seoul the whole time, making it suspicious for many. Soeun's visit to his house at 2 am. (not judging) Soeun's SINA interview, stating that she and Jae Rim will definitely not date.

askywalker Thursday, February 19, 2015

@acutebunny thanks for letting me know.

cassiecassie Tuesday, February 10, 2015

I think this rumour has the same effect as like when 2 actors acting as a loving couple in a drama, but in real life they admitted to hating each other very much. Upon knowing that you just can't feel the chemistry in the drama anymore. WGM is indeed a "fake" show but it still relies on chemistry between "actors". These rumours are unproven, true, but how can you keep watching them being lovey-dovey to each other WITHOUT SCRIPT (meaning "they meant what they did and said to each other") and feel like it's still genuine?

I really don't like it when people keep commenting "shippers don't know the difference between acting and real life" because it's an irrelevant argument. Even acting needs sincerity guys. I don't ship this couple, I honestly don't, but it was fun to watch when you knew they were devoted to the show, while now it seems they're not.

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